The Kenny Cartwright Chronicles Book 1
Childrens Books , Reviews / December 17, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Kenny Cartwright seems to be nothing more than a human lab rat to his neighbor, Rich Peterson. Although the boys have a different definition of what it means to be “best friends,” Kenny is always a willing candidate to try Rich’s potentially dangerous ideas. One day, while exploring a hill in the woods, the two boys stumble across an alarming plan of attack, aimed directly at them. Regardless of their differences, Kenny and Rich must work out the true meaning of friendship. The only way the two can survive is to unify—their lives depend on it. Their usually laid back summer will quickly turn disastrous if the two don’t work together. Their once quiet town won’t be safe again until the boys figure out their enemy’s master plan. Do they wave the white flag and give up? Or do the boys prepare for war? There are big decisions to be made for Kenny and Rich. The clock is ticking.   REVIEWS Five stars By Alexander Peacockon December 16, 2017 (Amazon) 4th and 5th grade students loved reading KCC, so did I. Each chapter starts with a famous quote leading into a short story, which makes the book…

Our Awakening
Poetry , Reviews / December 17, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION The book Our Awakening consists of nine poems: 1.Story Called Love 2.Our Awakening 3.Positive Thoughts 4.Wearing Masks 5.Expectations and Acceptance 6.Nature 7.Animals 8.Our Environment 9.Awareness All of the poems are written in rhyming verses and every poetic story holds an important message within it. The book title is also the title of the second poem in the collection. Our Awakening depicts this special time we are living in, where we need as many souls as possible to be truly awake. Generally, this book discusses the importance of being connected with our soul and with our true nature. It provides some thoughts that can have a positive influence in our lives. Such inspiration can empower us to change our world for the better by becoming more aware of some things and contributing in making Earth a happier place to live in. Also, it focuses on topics like Nature and Animals, and how important they are. It also focuses on how we are all connected on Earth’s stage, and if any part suffers, we cannot turn another page. Awareness is the last poem in Our Awakening and it combines all of the topics covered in the entire book. If…

The Golden Prayer: A Path To Salvation
Religion & Spirituality , Reviews / December 16, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION What Is The Golden Prayer? It is a light in dark times. A path to salvation. And more. When you depend on G-d, your life is in His hands, not yours. Here is your salvation and the answer for all problems and worries. The more you rely on G-d, the less the world will be able to affect you and you will become… blessed. This simple, effective prayer works as reminder; G-d is always present! It is us that are lured away, tempted by the world. Here is the lamp to guide tired weary feet back to G-d. Ready for a better way to live? Read The Golden Prayer.   REVIEWS Great Thought-Provoking Book for Religious/Spiritual Readers By dragonet711 on December 5, 2017 (Amazon) The Golden Prayer by Edward Weiss is a thought-provoking argument in favor of religion, in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The language is not too complicated overall and the book (Kindle version), only about 101 pages in all, is divided into five essays. What Weiss discusses in this book is very philosophical and deeply religious, and each essay is packed with meaning, so the reader should take their time to absorb each concept. For those…

Third World Woman: ‘Weird AF’ Tales of an Accidental Feminist’
Reviews , Social Sciences / December 16, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Third World Woman is industrial strength girl talk, not for the light-hearted, also male friendly, if you aren’t an MCP. It introduces you to the actual, non-stereotyped brown woman of this century. And if you are a brown woman, you’ll find the tales relatable and be happy to know ‘you are not alone or a weirdo’. The book contains content on abuse, rape, and domestic violence though, so please read responsibly.   REVIEWS   Loved reading this book By Shazia on 15th December 2017 (Amazon UK) As I am a third world women, I could relate to most of the things in the book, took me down the memory lane. These are most of the things that most women from third world want to say but would not say it out loud and Shahla has done that for us. This book points out so many social issues that women in third have just accepted as they are and do not want to change or talk about it. A frightening realistic glimpse into what it is like to be a woman in a third world country, delivered with humor and sass.              …

What Lola Wants Lola Gets
Fiction , Reviews , Romance / December 15, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Erotic Lola Montez was the world’s most beautiful woman in the 19th century, and she knew it. There were many captivated by her sparkling blue eyes and midnight black hair. She was enamored by the stage, power and money. As a stage performer she managed to achieve all three as she danced her way through the lives of renowned men like Alexandre Dumas and Czar Nicholas of Russia until she eventually became the Duchess of Landsfeld. This historical fiction has been researched and written by the award-winning author, Dov Silverman, and edited by Leslie Fish. Inspired by Barbara Tuchman’s use of historical fiction to tell the truth, he sometimes extrapolated time and location about the most fascinating, intelligent and extraordinarily beautiful woman of her time. He believes Lola would have approved.   REVIEW   Fans of naughty historical fiction will love having a nibble on this one! By Piaras on 15th December 2017 (Emerald Book Reviews) Whatever flaws we might identify or frustrations we might feel are trivial in comparison to a reader’s pure joy in losing himself/herself in a narrative. When all the elements come together: an intriguing plot, thoughtful, profound themes, complex, troubling, characters, and…

Black Swan Planet
Reviews , Science Fiction / December 14, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Raka Varoule is a second-rate investigative reporter, traveling between the twenty-seven worlds of the Galactic Empire exposing minor scandals. His big break comes when he weasels his way onto the Emperor’s personal star-cruiser to report live, across the galaxy, how the Emperor is celebrating his birthday. When he exposes the biggest scandal in galactic history, he narrowly escapes with the help of a drug runner, a dominatrix, and a monkey wearing ass-less chaps. Together, they search for an escape from the Empire; a barbarian world outside Imperial control. Then things get weird. Black Swan Planet is a rare treat of a novel. A satirical science-fiction story told in a unique way, utilizing a variety of perspectives. This story will make you both laugh out loud and keep you guessing what will happen next. James Peters has woven a story you’ll never forget, even if you lack mnemonic implants or prescription vibrating undergarments. REVIEWS Comedy, Sci-fi, Monkeys. By Rachel K on October 31, 2017 (Amazon) This book is well outside of my usual genres. That being said, I really enjoyed the story. When I first started the book I was a little wary because the first scene, well, let’s…

Fortune Fair: For everything we give: A young woman’s inspiring story
Fiction , Romance / December 14, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION An Inspiring tale that takes the reader into the good, bad and the righteousness of relationships, marriage, family life through unexpected twists and turns… When the fortune goes upside down and always; when life brings struggle and chaos for a beautiful, conservative lady amidst nuances of a totally different world; will she sustain, survive or thrive or remain with broken dreams? Fortune Fair is an engrossing tale with unexpected turns and transformations for the innocent lady that suffers the longing for love from her dearest and nearest. To read more from the author, visit,   REVIEW Fascinating, intense, and beautifully written. By Irene2121 on June 22, 2017 (Amazon) This beautifully written novel is a probing look at the contrasts of Indian and American cultures. Swathi is a pretty, 20-year-old college student in India. She’s happy with her life until her loving but strict father demands that she marry a man she has never met who lives in the U.S. They practice the same religion, but Swathi is in despair because she’s in love with Raj, a local boy she met at college. At her wedding, the forlorn bride prays, “God, please forgive me. I am committing…

White Christmas of a Loooong Dog: Beautifully Illustrated Christmas Poems for Kids and Dog Lovers (Loooong Dog’s Adventures Book 3)
Childrens Books , Reviews / December 14, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION I would like to give you a present. You will find it in the book. Christmas time is a beautiful time With lights all red and green, I think it is the prettiest time That I have ever seen! Follow the adventures of this cute loooong dog as he experiences his First White Christmas. With a specially knitted Christmas jersey, this funny Dachshund carefully takes his first steps onto the soft white snow blanket. He loves the feeling and excitedly runs around the neighborhood. To him everything looks different since the snow started to fall. Winter activities and house decorations amuse this little doggy with adventurous results. This cute children’s story is perfect for ages 3-7 and is told in fun rhymes. Illustrated colorfully with quality images on each page, it is sure to become a bedtime favorite and teaching children about Christmas traditions any time of the day and year.   REVIEWS Nice little gift By Mimi on November 25, 2017 (Amazon) My niece likes dog and dreams of one of her own, and I decided to start with the small little things and was reading to her the other book about the Looong dog adventures during Halloween…

Blue Lives Matter – In the Line of Duty
Biographies & Memoirs , Reviews / December 13, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Blue Lives Matter is a book that explores the line-of-duty deaths suffered by the law enforcement “”blue”” family. This book examines the deaths of eight police officers and one police canine in Los Angeles County. The chapters portray the fallen officers and the canine as true heroes who each made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their community. The cases include the murder of two officers solved over 40 years later; an officer murdered in front of his young son; two officers kidnapped and taken to an onion field where one officer is executed; an undercover officer murdered during a multi-million dollar drug transaction; an off-duty officer murdered by two gang members while riding his bicycle; and a cop-killer who fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. Co-authors Steve Cooley and Bob Schirn discuss each case in detail. Each chapter discusses the incident that cost the officer his life. The court proceedings are reviewed, including victim impact testimony of the effect of the officer’s death on family members and fellow officers. A Lessons Learned segment in each chapter is designed to increase officer safety and awareness of dangerous situations. Steve Cooley is a career prosecutor who served three…

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