A Grieving Mother
Biographies & Memoirs , Reviews / October 17, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Many people lose loved ones daily due to various reasons. And each loss proves to be extremely difficult for those left behind to grieve! I express my dearest sympathy to you all. Unfortunately, many of those lost die due to senseless violence, and this can add to the hurt and pain tied to the loss. This is my story—of how I lost both of my sons due to such senseless violence, how I grieved, and how I began to heal. Join me on this journey as my story may connect with your story, and we can continue the journey of healing together! If not for you, then bless someone else that you may know is mourning the loss of a child and may be in need of additional encouragement on this journey to healing! REVIEWS Reviewed by Barbara Carter via Facebook (5-star rating awarded by Emerald Book Reviews) I read your entire book early this morning (6 am -7:30 am). Your book is utmost inspiring and rather soul-searching. I say it’s soul-searching because you helped me to realize and to understand so deeply and exactly what one goes through from the loss of a child. It’s simply unimaginable. Your…

Three Leaves
Biographies & Memoirs , Fiction , Romance / September 21, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Three Leaves chronicles Steven LaVey’s struggles as a young man as he comes to terms with his life after fledging home from an overbearing and dominant mother. Split into three parts, each leaf of the book concerns the budding and falling of the author’s tragic romances. Throughout his search for his identity as an adult, he experiences the madness of love and an inability to control his violent emotions. This poignant memoir is the true account of a broken man nearly destroyed by his pent up rage and inability to trust anyone including himself. Three Leaves is the disturbing tale of a fight to the other side of madness and self-destruction. It reveals the man behind the trauma, the pain behind the rage, the heart behind the hatred.   REVIEW Whatever flaws we might identify or frustrations we might feel are trivial in comparison to a reader’s pure joy in losing himself/herself in a narrative. When all the elements come together: an intriguing plot, thoughtful, profound themes, complex, troubling, characters, and language that make us shudder for its honesty, clarity, and confidence; we gratefully set all analysis aside and give ourselves up to the sheer magic of a…

No One’s Business: A Migrant’s Barefoot Journey to Millions
Biographies & Memoirs , Self Help / September 14, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION In No One’s Business, a courageous young man from Moldova walks for six months to reach a destination he knows nothing about in a new country. He discovers that even prison is a better option than what he left behind. Vadim Turcanu is a world-class entrepreneur, judo champion and philanthropist who shares his unique vision to help us create better life choices. Here, the author shares his real-life story, as it happened when he walked barefoot across Europe, with nothing apart from his dream to be a winner in the game of life. “Why do I need to know his story?”  The answer is simple. You are a migrant. Even if you’ve never left your comfortable home to seek a better life, even if you’ve achieved everything that was expected of you, you still have the right to be curious about who you are. And you have the right to know what is available when you open your mind into other people’s realities. What have they done that’s made them successful? Migration is not moving from one country to another. It’s moving from where you are to where you want to be. REVIEW From Piaras on behalf of Emerald…

I Love You My Child, I’m Abandoning You: Holocaust book memoirs
Biographies & Memoirs / May 20, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION An exciting human documentary taking place in France during the Holocaust Little Paulette is an excellent pupil, surrounded by a loving family. But one day she is suddenly forced to confront the cruel reality of the Holocaust, together with the rest of French Jewry. Paulette is forced to separate from her family, and as a result, abandoned by her father. But despite her difficult and shocking life experiences, she remains naïve and optimistic, holding on to her thirst for life even in the darkest hours. An authentic and moving life story I Love You My Child, I’m Abandoning You is an exciting human documentary, taking place in France during the Holocaust. It honors the memory of the French Jews who perished in the Second World War, while simultaneously giving voice the persistent will to live, and the strength and bravery that characterize those who survived and gave rise to the future generations of the Jewish people. An existential odyssey that puts a spotlight on the human need and right to belong Ariela Palacz shares her life story through the character of little Paulette Szenker, sensitively weaving past and present into an authentic and moving journey that shifts between…

No Medals Today
Biographies & Memoirs / May 17, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Save your county, s’il-vous-plait Yiftach Cohen is a junior diplomat at the Israeli Embassy in Paris. He spends his days dealing with mundane problems and juggling his boring job, his ordinary family life, and his French lover, Chantal. Until one day, everything changes. In October 1973, with the break of the Yom Kippur war, Yiftach suddenly becomes a central figure in an international network of smuggling and fraud. He’s responsible to provide the Israeli Defense Force with the means to survive and win the war. Now, a chain of dark trafficking relies on his abilities to make the French authorities look the other way. Behind the scenes of Israel’s untold diplomatic actions Wild circumstances transform the rigid and cautious Yiftach into a winner-takes–all hero who’ll do anything for the sake of his homeland and his people. He’ll even kill. A heart-racing thriller based on a true story The State of Israel gives no medals. But it provides Yiftach with a rare opportunity to rediscover himself, and the chance to take control of his life, his loves and his choices. REVIEW An enlivening and refreshing view point on the Yom Kippur War, May 16, 2017 Whatever flaws we might…

The Big Jump
Biographies & Memoirs , Reviews / April 10, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION A life in short stories In The Big Jump, Shmuel Cohavi narrates charming and memorable moments from his life. The stories touch upon growing up in the young Israeli state, daily life in the Kibbutz, family relations, school and adolescence, love affairs and much more, covering the entire lifetime of the author. Real-life stories that will touch you Why did the Kibbutz youth laugh at their elders? What happens when two Kibbutz boys visit their family in the big city? Find out in these memorable anecdotes from the Kibbutz life, Israeli Defense Force service, university life, family gatherings and daily routine at work. All delivered with great charm and unmatched authenticity. A humorous and charming picture of Israeli life The short and precise stories in this book come together to create a colorful kaleidoscope. Prepare to meet unforgettable characters from Israeli life and delve into a lifetime of love, laughter and memories. REVIEW For those who are unfamiliar with a kibbutz, it literally means a “gathering or clustering”. It is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. The first kibbutz was established in 1909 in a place called Degania Alef, located in Northern Israel.…

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