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BOOK DESCRIPTION Time was running out. The clock was ticking. “Incurable.” That’s what they told him. The doctors told him he could only stay alive by surgery.“ But what they didn’t know was he was no ordinary patient. Matthew Murphy chose a different route and provides that same option and hope for YOU to follow as well. A MUST READ for anyone suffering from a digestive illness and wants an alternative path to healing. An estimated 60 to 80 million Americans suffer from digestive ailments. Don’t be one of them. Remedy is part memoir, part inspirational, part how-to book. Altogether it is the story of how I overcame a major health crisis. It is my hope that my story and the steps I took to combat an illness few ever triumph against will both inspire and provide someone else the tools to live the best life possible, despite what medical experts have told them. I formulated a plan of attack. Combining miracle working bone broth and my spiritual beliefs with the wealth of information I’d gathered through thousands of pages of research and countless hours toiling through every medium imaginable to find an alternative that could possibly heal me, I…

120 Most Powerful Recipes and Exercises to Make People Over 40 Years Old Healthy and Fit!
Health, Fitness & Dieting / July 22, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION When you are young, you can afford to show no concern about your diet. But as soon as you hit 40 years and above, things begin to change. The ways your body systems react to everything you eat begin to change. As you get older, the amount of energy you will burn while resting starts to decrease. If you continue to eat the way you ate while you were young, there are high possibilities of having some issues. These are Increase in the body weight, Diabetes, strokes and cardiovascular disease leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Suffering from these conditions might reduce your life span by some years. Apart from the reduction in lifespan, you might need to spend most of your time and money seeking for medical care. Imagine how frustrating that can be. But do you know these conditions are largely preventable? Eating a healthy diet and exercising more might be all you need. The good news is that our superb short book can help you out. With our book on “120 powerful recipes and exercises to make people over 40 years old healthy and fit”, you can get your life back on track and live the rest…

“Mediterranean diet for middle aged people: 40 delicious recipes to make people over 40 years old healthy and fit!”
Health, Fitness & Dieting / July 4, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION At the middle age, there are lots of possible health problem you can face. These are: fat and excessive weight, chronic pains, heart issues, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety plus some other reproductive problems such as erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, and others can also tag along. With all these middle age health problems, people affected will have to dedicate much of their time and financial resources to medical cares. These will automatically lead to an increase in medical costs . Some might find it hard to dedicate time for medical care and some might even think twice because of the expenses. Using this Mediterranean diet might be all you need to have a breakthrough. It is incredible as it holds the password to keeping a healthy body and mind. Adopting this diet on time can save you lot of headaches. Our short-read book offers you the following benefits: •40 powerful Mediterranean diet recipes in one short book •Exciting pictures of the final dishes that give you an insight on what dish you will get if you follow the recipe. •Proven diet focused for people over 40 years old •Easy navigation/index •Convenient Mediterranean diet food list and quick read, which…

“Dash Diet to Make Middle Aged People Healthy and Fit: 40 Delicious Recipes for People Over 40 Years Old!” (Diets and fitness for people over 40 years old Book 2)
Health, Fitness & Dieting / July 2, 2017

  DESCRIPTION Are you above the age of 40? Some health problems might be knocking at the door. There are lots of health problems you can possibly experience at your middle age. Below are the problems: • Fat and too much weight works together. Too much weight is caused by fat and no doubt, it results in many health issues. This could be diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart disease and some others. • Heart problems can slowly walk in as you grow older. These can be heart valve disease, conjunctive heart failure, heart attack, coronary artery disease and many others. This can result in a chronic illness like stroke. • Chronic pain is a problem you might not be able to escape as you increase in age. At your middle age, you tend to be more active in taking responsibilities and this can lead to pains such as back pains, tendonitis, arthritis, and other conditions that cause pain. • Reduction in bone density is another common health issue when you are at age 40 and above. It is called osteoporosis and it leads to fractures, easy fatigue, and many others. • Adding to the problems mentioned above, reproductive problems like testosterone…

Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight, Burn fat and Build Muscle While also Enjoying the Foods you Like
Health, Fitness & Dieting / June 27, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight, Burn Fat and Build Muscle While also Enjoying the Foods you Like. I’m so glad that you’re reading this description, because you’re just about to take a major step in your life. A step that will change your body to become more fit, healthy and good-looking all while simultaneously enjoying the foods that you like. In this book, you’ll learn how to truthfully and successfully use intermittent fasting to lose weight, build muscle, be healthy and to change your lifestyle to the better. It doesn’t stop there. You’ll learn everything about flexible dieting and IIFYM and why that mindset is so crucial for long term dieting success. As well as all there is to know about calories, macronutrients and micronutrients to ensure that you’re doing all the correct things to reach your dream body. The book is built on both scientifically proven hypotheses and methods as well as my own experiences with Intermittent fasting, an experience that made me go through the biggest physical and mental transformation of my life in just under two years. It’s truly amazing just how strong this dieting method is when it’s combined with the correct mindset.…

Intermittent Fasting: How To Lose Weight And Heal Your Body With Fasting (Intermittent Fasting, Weight Loss and Health)
Health, Fitness & Dieting / June 10, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Do you want to lose weight? Have you tried all the fad diets, but nothing really works? Are you ready to try something completely different? Most of us, at some stage of our lives, start a diet. As we age and our weight increases and we are less active, it makes complete sense to want to rediscover what our bodies were like when we were younger and fitter. Many people find that dieting is simply too much of an effort and doesn’t work. But with Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight and Heal your Body with Fasting, you have something which really does work when it comes to losing weight and can make you healthier at the same time. Inside this amazing book, you will find chapters which will: Explain what intermittent fasting is all about The advantages for you How you can lose weight through fasting Using water to help with fasting Intermittent fasting for women And more… You will NEVER take up another fad diet ever again, once you have seen the benefits of intermittent fasting. It is quite possibly the easiest way to lose weight, while still enjoying great food most of the time. Get your copy…

The Brain Show—Behind the Scenes: What is going on inside our brain while we are living our life
Health, Fitness & Dieting , Reviews / March 28, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION A wild journey into your brain Behind the Scenes of the Brain Show offers far-reaching insight into the human brain, packed with fascinating insight from the fields of science, philosophy, history and literature. This important volume showcases your brain’s development, from the embryonic phase until old-age, while describing the changes the brain goes through in all of its emotional and social states, such as love, depression, joy, concentration, sleep and dream. Understand your mind What are dreams made of? How are memories formed and preserved, and how can we improve our memory? How is a thought born and materialized? What is the duration of a thought-beat and how much electricity does it consume? How does your spouse affect your brain and how does your offspring change it? How do thoughts jump from one brain to another and why do some thoughts go ‘viral’, and spread to numerous brains? Get the answers to these questions and improve your understanding of yourself. Gain surprising and practical insights that will impact your daily life. Get to know the patterns of your brain activity to illuminate and control hidden elements in your life and potential.   REVIEW Science writing at its best:…

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