No One’s Business: A Migrant’s Barefoot Journey to Millions
Biographies & Memoirs , Self Help / September 14, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION In No One’s Business, a courageous young man from Moldova walks for six months to reach a destination he knows nothing about in a new country. He discovers that even prison is a better option than what he left behind. Vadim Turcanu is a world-class entrepreneur, judo champion and philanthropist who shares his unique vision to help us create better life choices. Here, the author shares his real-life story, as it happened when he walked barefoot across Europe, with nothing apart from his dream to be a winner in the game of life. “Why do I need to know his story?”  The answer is simple. You are a migrant. Even if you’ve never left your comfortable home to seek a better life, even if you’ve achieved everything that was expected of you, you still have the right to be curious about who you are. And you have the right to know what is available when you open your mind into other people’s realities. What have they done that’s made them successful? Migration is not moving from one country to another. It’s moving from where you are to where you want to be. REVIEW From Piaras on behalf of Emerald…

The Spirits Control Your Love Life: If your love life stinks, there’s a spiritual reason (Fifty Shades of Psychic Book 1)
Religion & Spirituality , Reviews / September 11, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION In this personal account, one man details how his past life sins had a direct effect on his love life. Frank Mares, a successful middle-aged businessman, was always mystified why his love life was snake bitten. Others thought of him as a considerate, funny guy with good looks, but every one of his long-term relationships with attractive women ended in a fiery wreck. After the death of his father, he started a meditation practice that inexplicably rewarded him with psychic abilities. With his new gift, he discovers that reincarnation is real and he recovers facts about nine of his past lives. Most of those lives involved violent, bloody deaths. Mares goes on a spiritual journey to find out why he kept dying violently and why he couldn’t find the love he was looking for in his current life. The answers do not come easily, but by using a team of three world class psychics, he tracks down the shocking reason why the Universe is angry with his soul. The psychic team finds that within the soul of this normal, small businessman resides a brutal, stone killer from the 1600’s, who surprisingly was the revered founder of a gentile…

The Witches of Wildwood: Cape May Horror Stories and Other Scary Tales from the Jersey Shore
Fiction , Horror / September 5, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Werewolves… vampires… swamp beasts… zombies… even a Jersey Devil… all of these chilling creatures and more await you in this haunting collection of 11 contemporary horror fiction stories by Mark Wesley Curran. Uniquely set ‘down the shore’ in South Jersey’s Cape May County, these scary tales are sure to terrify and entertain both adult readers as well as young adults. The spooky offerings include: – An abrasive radio talk show host is stalked by an angry werewolf in ‘Werewolves of Dennis’ – A Fun Pier boardwalk worker falls under the spell of a strange attic dwelling girl  in ‘The Girl In The Attic’ – An ancient sailing ship filled with bloodthirsty zombies crashes into the Jersey Shore in ‘Night of the Wildwood Dead’ The cornerstone of the collection is ‘The Witches of Wildwood,’ the harrowing and suspenseful tale of a witch-hunting preacher hell-bent on killing four teenage sisters determined to destroy the world from their Wildwood boarding house. This collection contains: The Girl In The Attic – Dante’s Inferno At Castle Dracula – Neptune’s Revenge – Night of the Wildwood Dead – Captain Harvey’s Wildwood Seafood Palace – Showdown In Anglesea – The Fortune Teller Machine  –…

Total Financial Independence: 9 Canadian Financial Myths Debunked: learn the myths and realities of the money game so your money works hard, not you!
Reviews / September 2, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Money is something that is used every single day by everyone, but ironically no one is taught in school how money actually works.  As a result too many Canadians are ill-prepared and we will spend our lives working for money instead of getting money to work for us.  Total Financial Independence is an easy-to-read finance book specifically for Canadians, though anyone can benefit from this book.  It is intended to increase your level of financial literacy by showing you how money actually works, educating and empowering you to make more prudent financial decisions and ultimately getting you on the path towards financial freedom.  You’ll learn how to maximize your long-term wealth while minimizing risks with financial strategies and ideas not regularly discussed by banks and the broader financial services industry because of conflicts of interest that place profit over people. This book debunks several common Canadian financial myths including: -You’re Too Young To Start Investing -Debt Is Always A Liability -Mortgage Payments Cannot Be Tax-Deductible -You Don’t Need Life Insurance -Investing Only Delays Being Taxed On Income You will also learn: -The Importance Of A Good Advisor -RRSP Information Tips -The Different Ways Of Paying Investment Tax -General Tax-Saving Tips Don’t wait to start becoming financially…

The Destroyer
Horror / August 31, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION After untold centuries of absence, the evil Ancients have returned. Their magic appears unstoppable and their hunger for conquest is insatiable. To protect the country of Nia, Duchess Nadea and Scholar Paug make a desperate journey to find a human legend: A man known to have destroyed these Ancient foes with a powerful army. But legends can lie. When Paug and Nadea revive their hero from sleep, his virtue is far from clear. Is he really their Savior or their Destroyer? REVIEW A great read, but likely not for certain people  By Duncan P. Pacey from Amazon on October 24, 2016 This was an interesting read, but it left me in multiple minds. You’ll enjoy “The Destroyer” by Michael-Scott Earle if you love fantasy settings, don’t mind exploring a new one and are looking for something that has all the hallmarks of a typical sword-and-shield fantasy, but with a few unique characteristics. This is a story with magic (that humans aren’t so good at), kings/queens, brave knights and elegant, beautiful elves. Where it diverges from the cliche is that the elves are a historic people, rendered almost extinct in the past thanks to a human revolution (humans were slaves…

True Crime Stories: 3 True Crime Books Collection (True Crime Novels Anthology)
Crime / August 29, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION It is no secret that true crime murder stories are not for the faint of heart. They can lead you to double-check your windows and doors at night, and question everything you thought or believed about human nature. Yet they are intriguing and fascinating at the same time. What is it that makes us different from those who take the lives of others? That is a question that many ask themselves, and these true crime stories help to identify the method and psychology behind some of the most terrifying killers in modern history. This set includes three true crime books, volumes 1-3, and each is filled with a variety of true crime murder cases, including spree killers and massacres, some of which are yet to be solved. You are taken through the background of the story, the murders, and the criminal investigations that took place. Some pages will be difficult to read, due to the emotion behind them. Yet you will be unable to stop reading, turning page after page. Each true crime anthology in this collection will leave you to ponder whether the perpetrators of these crimes were really monsters. When you learn of the background of…

Health, Fitness & Dieting / August 29, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Time was running out. The clock was ticking. “Incurable.” That’s what they told him. The doctors told him he could only stay alive by surgery.“ But what they didn’t know was he was no ordinary patient. Matthew Murphy chose a different route and provides that same option and hope for YOU to follow as well. A MUST READ for anyone suffering from a digestive illness and wants an alternative path to healing. An estimated 60 to 80 million Americans suffer from digestive ailments. Don’t be one of them. Remedy is part memoir, part inspirational, part how-to book. Altogether it is the story of how I overcame a major health crisis. It is my hope that my story and the steps I took to combat an illness few ever triumph against will both inspire and provide someone else the tools to live the best life possible, despite what medical experts have told them. I formulated a plan of attack. Combining miracle working bone broth and my spiritual beliefs with the wealth of information I’d gathered through thousands of pages of research and countless hours toiling through every medium imaginable to find an alternative that could possibly heal me, I…

Opaque: Scion Saga Book 1
Science Fiction / August 13, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rumored to be joining the coveted MARVEL COMICS franchise, the Scion Saga is an exhilarating young adult series of adversity, bravery, and determination. The adventure primarily chronicles the lives of 16 year olds Adam Caspian, Carly Wit, and their clan –all of whom are Descendants of seven ancient Russian Bloodlines. These bloodlines carry unique genetic markers that, when active, grant the host various supernatural abilities. Descendants can be easily identified by their glowing Limbal Rings. The Descendants are under constant threat of extermination at the hands of The Iksha — an elite,but murderous society of scientists. The series includes a veritable myriad of familial situations that create stronger bonds between the Bloodlines as they band together to fight for their existence. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Bold character development and strong mythology breathe life into this compelling young adult fantasy.” — Foreword Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Cālix Leigh-Reign’s writing style is what I loved most about this book. I lost count of how many times I stopped reading and sat in awe…” – Carpe Fiction ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Calix does an excellent job with the plot and the twists at the end. The world she draws you into is unique…” — Christinac_2585 of REVIEW  A Supernatural story sprinkled with eccentric…

Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Twisted Prophecy
Fiction , Reviews , Science Fiction / August 5, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Amid turmoil surrounding devastating attacks across the world, the dragon domain faces the planet’s greatest fear: global terrorism by an unknown force of magic users. Against this backdrop of fear, the friends’ relief at having Richie back from the jaws of death is quickly tempered when they discover the price she has paid and exactly what she will have to forfeit. With Manson’s deadly scheme in full swing, events quickly turn from bad to worse. An army of nagas controlled by the threat to their king, help the evil dragon storm the kingdom, capturing Peter, Tank and Flash in the process. With no help on the horizon and the dragons below ground neutralised, how will the threat be stopped? Will the white dragon turn out to be their saviour, or will a fierce lacrosse match prove to be the turning point for a rescue so unconventional, nobody could ever see it coming? With a hoard of treasure and more magical artefacts than a witch’s kitchen, you’ll have to read on to find out if everything will turn out all white! REVIEW  Makes a great series in print but would make an even better series on the silver screen!, August…

I Am Not a Traitor
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / August 2, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Benjamin Franklin Digital Award SILVER HONOREE! A mysterious time travel conspiracy is about to unfold Angela Mercy, a highly trained elite bodyguard, tragically fails her chief assignment: protecting the life of the country’s leading quantum physicist. Her life is about to change, as someone else is taking over her future. A fast-paced action thriller that will grab you and not let you go. In Japan’s infamous Devil’s Triangle, a small fishing boat disappeared in a swarm of crimson fireflies. A leading quantum physicist is assassinated before his keynote speech. While in pursuit after his killers, his highly trained bodyguard, Angela, is caught in a cloud of turquoise fireflies and vanishes. A tyrannical ruler will go out on a merciless quest for immortality, and will use any measures necessary to guarantee his success. Even if it means altering the course of history. Past, present and future collide in a journey through time, mystery and suspense. Lyle Howard’s newest It’s About Time is an exhilarating read filled with unexpected twists and turns, that will take you on a rocket ride through history to reveal a suspenseful conspiracy. Suspense, Romance and Mystery in a time travel thriller you will not forget. REVIEW  This thriller…

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