Your Obsolete Brain: Life and Death in the Age of Superintelligent Machines
Reviews , Social Sciences / December 19, 2017

    BOOK DESCRIPTION We live not only in a time of social and technological transition, but also of biological, evolutionary, and environmental change. It is also a time of great and growing upheaval–of societies, species, and the planet itself. Artificial intelligence has already permeated many aspects of daily life and will continue to alter the affairs of men and women, institutions, and warfare, in ways both positive and negative, beyond the lifetime of anyone reading these words. AI is changing how people live, work, learn, play, and interact. It is changing their health outlook, consumer behavior, employment prospects, work place, and capacity to thrive in a rapidly changing world growing increasingly dependent on technology. Behind the scenes, AI is drastically changing business, banking, and the global economy. The continued development and deployment of AI-empowered weapons have already changed the way that wars and, inevitably, policing, will be conducted in the future. AI development currently promises spectacular advances in health care, disease eradication, prosthetics, education, and resolution of crucial global problems such as climate change, resource depletion, and famine. However, the specter of autonomous weapons equipped with human reasoning, super-intelligent computers disdainful of their intellectually human inferiors, and virus-like nan…

Third World Woman: ‘Weird AF’ Tales of an Accidental Feminist’
Reviews , Social Sciences / December 16, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Third World Woman is industrial strength girl talk, not for the light-hearted, also male friendly, if you aren’t an MCP. It introduces you to the actual, non-stereotyped brown woman of this century. And if you are a brown woman, you’ll find the tales relatable and be happy to know ‘you are not alone or a weirdo’. The book contains content on abuse, rape, and domestic violence though, so please read responsibly.   REVIEWS   Loved reading this book By Shazia on 15th December 2017 (Amazon UK) As I am a third world women, I could relate to most of the things in the book, took me down the memory lane. These are most of the things that most women from third world want to say but would not say it out loud and Shahla has done that for us. This book points out so many social issues that women in third have just accepted as they are and do not want to change or talk about it. A frightening realistic glimpse into what it is like to be a woman in a third world country, delivered with humor and sass.              …

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