Life Changing Habits: Naturally Overcome Fatigue And Increase Your Daily Energy (Overcome Exhaustion, Increase Productivity, Improve Health, Increase Energy, Energy Diet, Improve Focus, Motivational)

December 4, 2017


Change Your Habits To Become Energetic, Overcome Fatigue And Increase Your Productivity:


We all should have endless energy inside of us to do the things we love to do. But in our todays world fatigue and exhaustion are common under all kind of people…

This book has been strategically written and prepared for you to take you out of your energy deficiency experience and give you the maximum feel of energy for your everyday life. Many people live their lives feeling continually stressed out from unnecessary worries and a lot of anxieties whereas life should be enjoyed to the full. Take life the right way, and you will be able to live to the best of your potentials and abilities.

Through this book, you will find step by step procedures and strategies that will help you get out of living a frustrated and stressed out life. With this book, you will be motivated to take the right way of making your energy count so that you become outstanding in every aspect of your life.

You just need to follow the steps carefully and also make sure that you do them so that you get the expected results.

What you will learn:

– Which physically, mentally and socially reasons suck your energy.
– Which foods you should eat to be full of energy.
– Which foods you should avoid eating.
– Which vitamins and minerals will bump you energy levels.
– How and which physical exercises will boost your energy.
– How you can recharge you energy levels through breathing techniques.
– How addiction to porn ruins your energy in your everyday life.
– The right mindset to take action and don’t waste any more minute in an energy draining life.

If you apply all the knowledge from this book and turn it into habits in your daily life, you will become an person with enough energy to go after you dreams and goals. That’s my promise to you!

What are you waiting for? There is no better time than NOW to become the person you always wanted to be.






The German-born Serbo-Croatian Ignatz Rajher (born 1992) never really had any interest in things like school or a successful career in his early years, but instead, for a huge number of video games. The older he got, the more fascinated he became by the flood of information the internet offered. Therefore, at age 14, he disposed of his television to satisfy his urge to find information outside of the mainstream.

At the age of 17, he already absorbed various information on topics in the areas of personality development, nutrition and the alternative media like a sponge and thus became a freethinker who quickly discovered the writing and creating of content for himself and loved to report about his new insights in his blog. In the year 2012, he decided to close his blog, which was running well until then, to chase women in order to finally understand how to succeed in dealing with one of the most beautiful creations on this planet.

He realized early that his purpose in life was to leave this world through his words, his voice and his actions as a better place than it was. Therefore, he unleashed his passion for writing at the age of 25 again and since then works on making a permanent change in the people with his books.

His non-fictional books consist of successfully applied knowledge and the experiences he gained through it. His fictional works spring from his blossoming imagination, which he partly fills with actual facts about the world, to render them easier to digest and entertaining for his readers. His writing style is characterized by the fact that he usually speaks his mind, he is honest and direct, and uses partial phrases, which makes him incredibly funny and sympathetic.

He also wrote his own biography because he found it funny to write about himself in the third person. While he wondered why you haven’t taken a look at one of his books yet.

What are you waiting for? Get the information you need to change your life for the better forever!

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