Love and Compassion Is My Religion: A Beginner’s Book into Spirituality

December 4, 2017


Jane Zarse grew up the child of privilege in Lake Forest, Illinois. She attended a prestigious academy, drove a new Audi to school, and discovered the love of boys. She also discovered alcohol—which quickly became her crutch.

In Love and Compassion Is My Religion, Zarse gives readers a heartfelt look at how she finally learned to love herself, climbing back from hitting bottom with the love of God. She fought bulimia and drank to excess after graduating from Boston University, then worked first as an actress and later as a high-volume trader at Chicago’s Options Exchange. She lacked compassion for others, but didn’t realize why until much later. The reason? She didn’t love herself.

But everything broke open after Zarse’s mother died of a heart attack and she divorced her husband. At first the downward spiral was steep, but then she found the strength to pick herself up and finally seek help.

Love and Compassion Is My Religion is a guide to finding your spiritual self—no matter how much you’ve sinned or lost yourself. It’s a guide to how to find your way back. Zarse using her own excesses as an example, shows how it can be done.



Great book, very sad how Alcohol distorts our thinking.

By Roy, True Blue Friend on October 27, 2017 (Amazon)

Being a writer of my own book about Alcohol and Recovery I found this story very interesting. It sheds light on how Alcohol does not discriminate. I watch how all the money in the world cannot stop this disease, it actually can put you deeper in denial. Jane was wealthy, I was poor, Jane being female and very smart, I was the opposite. But Alcohol took what we had and made us suffer just the same. I love how the Big Guy stepped right in to help once we asked God for it. Trying so many ways on our own just didn’t work. We make amends to all we have harmed by helping others, as Jane is doing with her story. I am still not a fan of reading but I stayed interested and connected to this story; Thank you Jane








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