In Bt.
Fiction , Reviews / January 23, 2018

BOOK DESCRIPTION The story of the in-betweens starts off with a boy who meets three great loves in his journeys and learns how each love might influence him as a person lost in a beautiful yet cruel world. It then follows with the footsteps of a girl called Becky, a fleet-footed angel who traverses onto the stony paths in Essex following the misfortune that befell her mentor Mister Chase. Both protagonists eventually find each other in a time of great turmoil and they would have to find something magical together to fend off the threats of a lifetime.   REVIEWS There’s a lot here By S.H. David on January 15, 2018 (Amazon) In Bt. is the story of angels and the way they see the world. They have the unique ability to compare it to a decade ago, a lifetime ago, and even centuries ago. They have the ability to feel and fall in epic love, something that differs from many telling of angel lore. The main character is a man, Akira, whose inner voice reads a great deal like a Jedi master. I mean that, he observes and details a lot. If I had one critique of this book it’s…

She was Born a Good Girl: An All Girls Boarding School Story
Coming of age , Reviews / January 3, 2018

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Raunchy Zoe, prude Nola, follow-fashion Myra, indecisive Jody and man-hunter Anona. It’s final year at the Rosemount School, a prestigious all-girls boarding school in Jamaica where parents send their daughters to become ladies; but some girls allow their raging hormones to turn them into renegades. No-nonsense, principal, Lenora Mustafa has her hands full with these girls as she strives to maintain the school’s enviable reputation. Everyone is different in this sisterhood, but they all share a common goal to graduate at the end of this school year. How will final year go?   REVIEW A well-crafted coming of age tale… By Piaras on January 3, 2018 for Emerald Book Reviews Author Garfield Whyte weaves a vibrant and very interesting coming of age tale, with fascinating twists and turns that will easily captivate the reader’s attention from the beginning. The author paints an all-girls boarding school story in a very vivid and convincing way. In addition, the characters are drawn with great credibility and conviction. It’s a relatively fast-paced novel that will keep you captivated from the first page to the last. The book description gives a sneak preview; ‘Raunchy Zoe, prude Nola, follow-fashion Myra, indecisive Jody and man-hunter…

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In Bt.
TRINITY’S CONVERGENCE (A Trinity of Flames Book 1)
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