The Amaranth Chronicles: Deviant Rising
Reviews , Science Fiction / December 5, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION The Helix was created to revolutionize the way we communicate. But even the purest of intentions can spawn terrible evil. This wasn’t what Lithia had in mind when she decided to run away from home. Her ship was not meant to carry a fugitive wanted in two galaxies, or the stowaways running from a war that wasn’t hers. She just wanted to live a quiet, peaceful life alongside her brother. But now she knows too much about The Helix, the secret hidden deep within it, and what it would mean for all humankind if she walked away.   REVIEW A spectacular flight of the imagination! By Piaras for Emerald Book Reviews on 5th December 2017 Whatever flaws we might identify or frustrations we might feel are trivial in comparison to a reader’s pure joy in losing himself/herself in a narrative. When all the elements come together: an intriguing plot, thoughtful, profound themes, complex, troubling, characters, and language that will amaze for its clarity, directness and confidence; we gratefully set all analysis aside and give ourselves up to the sheer magic of a great book. And for me, The Amaranth Chronicles: Deviant Rising, is such a book. Authors…

Secrets Revealed (Huntress Of The Succubi Book 2)
Fiction , Reviews , Romance , Science Fiction / November 27, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Crimson DeHaven -Williamson is a creole-born demon untress. Her ability to sense the succubi presence is a talent handed down through her ancestry. She can see the hell hags real identity and she possesses the knowledge to send them back to the Underworld for good. However, secrets are like a virus, they start small and grow to be all-encompassing. Crimson and her family have secrets that run deep, some good and some deathly bad. Everything Crimson has believed about her life hasn’t been totally the truth. She must call on the help of her Huntress family both living and deceased to meet the unseen danger she now faces in Atlanta. Lucena the leader of the Atlanta succubi has a plan to rid Atlanta of its huntress for good. She has a secret weapon and she’s not afraid to use it.   AVAILABLE @ AMAZON     GOODREADS     AMAZON UK   ABOUT THE AUTHOR Donna Woods is a High Priestess of the Coven of Butterflies. A 2nd year student at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. She loves writing about things that go bump in the night, sexy heroes and heroines and stories where love conquers all. She lives in…

Lady Dove: Jubilant Order of the Air
Reviews , Science Fiction / November 27, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Lady Dove: Legendary leader, warrior, unstoppable. Yet as the Commander of the Jubilant Order of the Air, an epic fighting order, she is a failure. Two of her members were taken by a Demon Lord from the Pits while she was in command. Twenty times her order descended into the fiery abyss to reclaim their fallen comrades. Each time was a failure. Now the Jubilant Order is no more, its members scattered to the far corners. Only Lady Dove remains. Finding a powerful sage who augurs that her only hope to recover her fallen brothers is to align herself with Krayer, a fallen Paladin who leads an order of evil warriors, the Knights of the Bloody Rose. Lady Dove will stop at nothing to reclaim her lost members and reform her order. Not even teeming up with the foul Lord of Death. Follow Lady Dove as she journeys to the harsh Weathershield Mountains where in her way lay Dragon Kings, Feral Trolls, powerful magic and of course the evil Knights of the Rose….   REVIEW   A spectacular flight of the imagination! By Piaras on November 27, 2017 Author Robert E Dudley weaves a spectacular tale of…

The Battle of the Erathiel: Across the Enchanted Sea
Reviews , Science Fiction / November 25, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION The ancient elven race of the Erathiel embark on a journey across the Enchanted Sea to find a new home. With them travel the only remaining dwarves and humans from their land. They are struck by a terrible storm that leads them to a land they are not keen to call their own. Soon they will find that there is more to this new land than they had ever expected. Friends and foes, hope and loss will be their constant companions in this adventure where wizards and shape-shifting adversaries will cross their path.   REVIEW     A page-turner! Reviewed by Anna Morganon March 21, 2017 (Amazon) What a delightful story! Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It’s light, well-written, and a real page-turner, so prepare some tea and snacks because you won’t be able to put it down for more than a few hours. I’ve read my fair share of fantasy novels and I know how hard it is to come up with a world of your own inhabited with believable creatures acting out a plot that doesn’t resemble a bizarre fairy tale. Constanza Mayer created an elegant storyline that nods to the…

Ines’ Words
Science Fiction / June 14, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION The love story between Ines de Castro and King D Pedro I is one of the most tragic, intense and powerful in European history. Their story has become a legend and it is difficult to separate fact from fiction, where the only certainty that remains is the element of forbidden, but everlasting, love. With her latest work, Ines’ Words, Haidji brings her unique and magical style to this subject and shows not only the enduring power of the legend, but of love itself. BOOK REVIEW Powerful, poetic and beautifully written, 14 Jun. 2017 Royalty doesn’t get you everything it seems. It’s a well known fact, that when it comes to royalty or aristocracy, you rarely marry for love. More often than not they are usually arranged by the respective families, having their authority, affluence and general interests in mind, with the bride and groom having little or no say in the matter. Since these political arrangements were essential in the power plays (both past and present), there is no room for love. In the case of Prince Pedro of Portugal and Lady Inês de Castro, they were willing to defy these notions. However, not even a King’s forbidden…

In The Depths: A Novel (DeSai Trilogy) Vampire legends
Science Fiction / May 27, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Cyril DeSai is an ancient vampire who has it all, but he is missing one thing: a family. He had been waiting so long. Soon, he would begin to re-establish himself. This was everything he had wanted for literally hundreds of years; since the end of the last time, anyway. But he had won, and after a time it had faded. Slowly and patiently he had put his ‘life’ back together again. He had focused on what he needed and what he wanted: a family. His intense focus was finally paying off; they had arrived. Once the first bite had taken place he had felt the rush of their existence, and it had woken him out of a dead sleep. Yes, someone was in his lair. Someone had found his truth and decided to explore it, much to their own personal detriment. What a gift! With four he could begin his family much, much faster than usual. But he is still missing one essential thing that will make his family complete. It is not the power he has gained, or the adoration or recognition. No, the one thing this Master of the Darkness is missing is a queen…

Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past
Science Fiction / May 2, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Ever been addicted? Most people have at some point, but it was different for these three. They’d become addicted to their respective sports: hockey, lacrosse and rugby. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, apart from the fact they’re DRAGONS, living in the present day, in a world in which dragons disguised as humans have infiltrated the human race at almost every level, to guide and protect them. Three young dragons, a master mantra maker, and a complete dragon stranger with more than a little history attached to him, become caught up in an evil plot by a sinister newcomer to steal a precious commodity, vital to the dragon community. How will the reluctant hero and his friends fare against an enemy of his race from far in the past? Fascinating insights into the dragon world are interspersed throughout the book. Ever wondered how dragons travel below ground at almost the speed of sound? Or how they use magical mantras to transform their giant bodies into convincing human shapes? In an action packed adventure that features both human and dragon team sports, you’ll learn the true story of George and the Dragon, get a dragon-like perspective on human social issues…

The Wizard of Kharathad
Science Fiction / April 13, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Ever wonder where all the honorable heroes of pure heart and selfless intentions went? You’ll find them here, in the enchanting land of Doronloch, where the supernatural is an everyday thing and mythological creatures come alive in the vibrant setting of their world. Punny and insightful, this novel is a must-read for every serious fantasy enthusiast – and some of the more playful ones, too. T.W.O.K. is replete with epic detail, absorbing realism, and refreshing genuinity, carrying the reader along through 757 pages of pure delight and beyond – the real never-ending story! REVIEW J.R.R. Tolkien, J. K. Rowling and now we have Matia ben Ephraim!! April 12, 2017 Whatever flaws we might identify or frustrations we might feel are trivial in comparison to a reader’s pure joy in losing himself/herself in a narrative. When all the elements come together: an intriguing plot, thoughtful, profound themes, complex, troubling, characters, and language that make us shudder for its honesty, clarity, and confidence; we gratefully set all analysis aside and give ourselves up to the sheer magic of a great book. And for me, The Wizard of Kharathad is such a book. The story had every element a good story should have.…

Mirror Earth: the Forest of Drul (Volume 1)
Science Fiction / April 5, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Tal Alonspike lives with her family in the Forest of Drul, isolated by a vast expanse of haunting prairie. They eke out a frugal life, harboring a secret, watching shadows lengthen across the grasslands. Tal never wants to leave her beloved forest, until a dying stranger comes out of the west. Change and terror cling to his heels like a shadow, until even the Forest of Drul is home no longer. In forgotten back closets of the world’s darker corners, there is a flutter of movement. Of danger. Of malice. The grass whispers before a growing night wind. A wind with the taste of burning. But the watch sleeps on the ramparts of those set to guard against the old enemy. A dust of grief has fallen into the eyes of Elves, and they drowse at their posts, lulled by long dreary years of silence. Dragons bait, barter, bank and buy one another. Men build ships and cities, and wonder why they feel uneasy to see the old walls crumble unmanned. A few guardians remain alert however, with ear to the muttering ground and a nose to the uneasy wind. Therefore, long ago in a world grown tattered…

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