UNHOLY REVENGE: DI Helen Cooke Investigates (DI Helen Cooke Investigates Book 1)

November 7, 2017



UNHOLY REVENGE is a fast-paced, gripping story of uncontrolled revenge. Revenge that has festered for years in the mind of the killer, but what is the catalyst that sets the murders in motion? Dark family secrets are revealed as members of the same family are targeted and killed without mercy.

DI Helen Cooke and her team are called in to investigate the death of a woman found on the banks of the River Weaver. Can she solve the death before her own demons come hurtling back from the past in the shape of DCI Toby Attwell? Her nemesis and ex-lover. Is she up to the challenge, or will Attwell use his position to end her career?

With no clues or motive, Helen finds herself investigating another body found tortured and burnt at the scene of a fire following an arson attack. Are the two deaths connected? The team is baffled and under pressure to solve the case when Helen learns of an unsolved murder in Durham, and she believes it is connected to the investigations, somehow. As she delves further into the mysterious murders, she comes to the horrifying conclusion a serial killer is on the loose, in her small, sleepy market town.

Without her sidekick, DS Chris Trainor’s help in assisting her in the search for the fourth potential victim they had identified, Helen’s career would be in jeopardy. She races to try and prevent another killing, but will her past baggage hamper her efforts? Is she strong enough to prevent further bloodshed or will she allow her demons get in the way?

When she confronts the killer in a climactic showdown, she stares death in the eyes and puts her life in danger. In those last few terrifying seconds somebody has to die, but who?



A spellbinding tale of murder, mystery and revenge. By Piaras on November 7th, 2017

Whatever flaws we might identify or frustrations we might feel are trivial in comparison to a reader’s pure joy in losing himself/herself in a narrative. When all the elements come together: an intriguing plot, thoughtful, profound themes, complex, troubling, characters, and language that will amaze for its clarity, directness and confidence; we gratefully set all analysis aside and give ourselves up to the sheer magic of a great book. And for me, Unholy Revenge: DI Helen Cooke Investigates, is such a book.

Author RC Welsby weaves a spellbinding tale of murder, mystery and suspense, with intriguing twists and turns that will easily captivate the reader’s attention from the beginning. The author paints a gripping story of revenge and dark family secrets in a very vivid and convincing way. The characters are drawn with great credibility and conviction. It’s a fast-paced gripping novel that will keep you riveted from the first page to the last.

The book description gives a sneak preview; ‘What happened so long ago to set a killer on a murder spree? Why are members of the same family being targeted? DI Helen Cooke and her team are called in to investigate the death of a woman found at the side of a river. With no clues or motives, Helen finds herself investigating another body, found at the scene of a fire. Are the deaths connected?

Helen learns of an unsolved murder in Durham, and she believes it’s connected. As the investigation progresses she realizes there is a serial killer on the loose. A life and death search for a fourth potential victim takes place as Helen races to prevent another killing. Is she in time to prevent further bloodshed?

Helen’s past comes back to haunt her and puts her career in jeopardy as she pursues the killer. Her life is in mortal danger as she confronts the killer one last time. Is she able to avert another death?’

Now, if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, I don’t know what will. But if you want to find out what happens you’ll just have to turn the pages for yourself to find out! But I will say it’s well worth the read. It’s my first time reading this author and I must say I was very impressed.

This captivating and creditable work had me immersed from the beginning. The story flowed from scene to scene with ease, and the author shows exceptional ability when it comes to storytelling. There are plenty of intriguing moments in this page turner that will take the reader on a compelling and gripping journey.

It’s one of those books that come along once in a while that makes you want to read it non-stop until you get to the end. I’m giving nothing further away here. And this, I hope, will only add to the mystery and enjoyment for the reader. I will say, however, that fans of the mystery, thriller and suspense genre will love having a nibble on this one!

If this book is anything to go by, I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading more from RC Welsby in the future. I would definitely recommend this book and could easily see this being adapted as a television series or a made-for-TV movie. Five stars from me.






Ruth C Welsby was born in Liverpool and moved to Frodsham in Cheshire in 1968. She has always dreamed of writing her own book but as a Nurse Manager of many years standing it was difficult to find the time in her busy life. Instead, she used the time she did have to research the material she would use for her future books.

Now happily retired she has used the time to complete three books and is about to start on her third, all set in and around Frodsham.

Writing her first book GRACE ROSCOE was cathartic after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now in full remission, Ruth has changed her genre from true historical romance to police procedural and serial killers. Dark but fascinating.

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