Unscrambled Eggs

December 2, 2017



Profound and riveting, this is a 60 poem book collection with poetry that enlightens, speaks the way of life and the world. The poems from Unscrambled Eggs has a universal appeal, and is true to life in form. Unscrambled Eggs was written over a five year period and is an honest and thought-provoking book that deals with everyday life issues. It is a stirring compilation of poems about living your dream and finding one’s purpose.



Intense Emotions Beautifully Turned into Art

By Nayab  on Amazon November 18, 2017

Poetry is supposed to make you feel things. Unscrambled Eggs is one of those books that touches a chord inside. The realities of life, the pain hidden inside, the raw and intense emotions, beautifully turned into art. Nothing too fancy but something that keeps you hooked and transform you in another world, a world where magic is created by words. Liquid Muse was one of the poems that put it right,

‘’… I have no fancy rhymes
my poetry will not boast of windmill autumns
I may not have your able muse
but at least I offer more than words’’

This book sure is more than words, it reflects strength, willingness to give life a chance even when life isn’t fair and inspires you to live your dreams. This book stirred something inside of me, a spark of hope, and a willingness to continue living and not merely existing. Sometimes all you need is one word, one poem, to keep you going and this book gave me that. Life boat was that poem I instantly grown fond of.

‘’…I was too precious for autumn, too benign for moon
I parted from the perils I watched others endured
Still, I have suffered more than a poor man has
greater than cracked ribs ever did
and yet my firefly of hope will not lie over
in a grave of your demand’.”

This poem was probably the one that’s touched my heart in a long, long time. Hope is the only thing that keeps you going. It made me realize that I am strong, more than I’ll probably even know. A firefly, that refuses to settle for anything less, and refuses to give up.

It is hard to choose one favorite poem, because I can relate of every single one of them. The say words are powerful and can move worlds, reading this book was a similar experience. These weren’t just words these were intense emotions, beautifully put into words.

Thought provoking words that might motivate you enough to keep you going, to keep alive that firefly of hope that you hold so dear. A ray of light in the darkest of nights, this is what this book truly made me feel. There was one poem that made me feel like it was written for me – Lone Bird. It made me stop and reflect.

‘’…As she hovers across
countless of unending oceans
and remote pastures
yet, mere desire
is not enough in itself
to rouse a wilting spirit
nor to fill continual void
her emptiness will deepen
until at last
she is free to fly
uninterrupted and unhindered.’’

A hope, a realization that I might just not be alone, is what this poem gave me. This book is the perfect example of ‘’simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’’ because Unscrambled Eggs is not a fancy book, but a book that would move your heart and soul. It is poetry that would touch your heart in ways that you’ll want to feel alive. I would totally recommend it.

Please keep writing. :”)








Nadia Janice Brown is a poet, writer living in Florida. Her poetry and articles have appeared in national and international magazines, and literary journals. She is also the founder of www.author-promotions.com. Visit her web site at www.nadiajanicebrown.com

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