Heaven and Hell: An Inspirational Biography of a Man’s Victory Against All Odds

October 23, 2018


Yair’s heroic life story will inspire and transform you!

Yair’s generation suffered the Holocaust, and his story merges with that of the State of Israel. This autobiography is the living record of a generation, crisscrossed by the personal history of a family and the most intimate fibers of Yair’s being. It is an exemplary human response to dire straits. The recurrent theme “Run, Yair, run!” is repeated throughout the book.

Run with Yair as he confronts the unspeakable and emerges triumphant

And yes, Yair Dori ran! He kept on running with indefatigable spirit for the innocent victims of the Holocaust, the dreams of his suffering people, to maintain dignity in the worst conditions, and to overcome his near-fatal physical and emotional injuries. As Yair confronted his own mortality in an Egyptian prison, garnering the strength to grapple with the most atrocious circumstances, he remembered his father’s words: “Be worthy of your life and your death.” Yair’s response: “Heaven and Hell – I regret nothing!”.



A powerful and inspiring read

By Piaras on August 30, 2018 (Emerald Book Reviews)

The prologue of this book (by Bernardo Kliksberg) sums up why this book had to be written and for whom it was intended for: ‘The lyrical phrase “Run, Yair, run” is repeated throughout the book like a recurrent theme of hope. And yes, Yair Dori ran, and kept on running, for the innocent victims of the Holocaust, for the ancient dreams of his suffering people, to maintain dignity in the worst conditions, to overcome the near-fatal physical and emotional injuries he experienced with an indefatigable fighting spirit, and for his constant efforts to protect his family.’

Heaven and Hell by Yair Dori is a powerful and inspirational story about a man’s triumph over incredible adversary. It was a brilliant read that will leave you unexpectedly feeling like a better person for having read it. It’s an impressive work by author Yair Dori and I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading more from him in the future. I would highly recommend this extraordinary and inspiring autobiography. A well-deserved five stars from me.

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