Bilingual in training: Alphabet activity book (Spanish Edition)

October 31, 2018

Super fun and easy activity book for kids to learn the alphabet and other words in Spanish. You don’t need to be bilingual to teach a second language to your little ones.

Libro de actividades súper divertido y fácil para que los niños aprendan el abecedario y otras palabras en español. No necesitas ser bilingüe para enseñar a tus pequeños un segundo idioma.


An excellent alphabet activity book.

By Piaras on October 31, 2018 (Emerald Book Reviews)

This is an excellent alphabet activity book for young children. Not having a single word of Spanish, I introduced this activity book to my grandchildren. Using simple phonetics, the book is very easy for any parent or teacher to use. Children will absolutely love this, and they’ll take to it like a duck to water! It will also add an extra learning experience and introduce them to another language. How cool is that?

Muchas gracias Rocio Monroy!


​​Rocio Monroy is a graduate of The Children’s Book Academy. She writes stories for tiny readers with big hearts. She speaks English and Spanish. She enjoys spending time reading, visiting libraries, and writing stories to help make this world a better place. Currently she lives in Missouri with her husband and her three children.

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