Under a Paris Sky: Mrs Duchesney’s Mystery on the Rooftops (Mrs Duchesney Mysteries) (Volume 7)

November 14, 2018


Under a Paris Sky Mrs. Duchesney’s Mystery under the Rooftops All Rights Reserved © 2018 Peggy Kopman-Owens Cover Art © 2018 Roger Kopman www.KOPMANPHOTOS.com In the pre-dawn rain, a shivering little bird of a woman appears at the door of a famous Paris sleuth to ask for help in selling an unknown masterpiece by the artist-magician Kizermeirhoff. Mrs. Duchesney asks her visitor, “Did you steal it?” The young Widow Chorifé assures Mrs. Duchesney that she did not, but fears she might know who did. “Fear?” Mrs. Duchesney asks. “Just how well do you know this thief?” Hiding the young woman from a determined villain and chasing a thief from Paris to the southern coast of France will demand dangerous charades from our clever sleuth, if she is to stay one step ahead of her arch-rival Monsieur Bougonne. To save his partner from this police detective, who is convinced their client was involved in a murder, Louie Bertrand will need to recruit an unusual cast of co-conspirators. Enjoy the magic of their adventure in this latest addition to the Mrs. Duchesney Mysteries series.


Peggy Kopman-Owens, author of 18 PARIS MYSTERIES, writes suspenseful stories that entice with exotic destinations, inspiring readers to search for their passports. If you love Paris, you will fall in love with these mysteries. “My mother wrote stories and songs, becoming my inspiration, teaching that passion and patience are inseparable partners. From my father and mother, both musicians who loved to travel, I learned to embrace a world full of diversity and endless possibilities. I can never thank them enough for bestowing this lovingly unselfish gift of intellectual freedom.”

Book Cover Art © Roger Kopman,
Author’s photo: © Michael D. Owens.
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