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Do you have a child, a close friend, or a relative with ADHD? Do you have ADHD and always feel marginalized? Do you think “ADHD” as a term is often wrongly used? Do you think that ADD/ADHD is just an excuse for bad behavior? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you are invited to come along. 

This is a true story about friendship, understanding, and accepting our differences. You can relate, understand, and reflect upon these ideas through my experiences with my friend and her son (from ages 6 to 11), who was diagnosed with ADHD. You can find comfort through seeing that you are not alone. Many things aren’t simply black or white.

Every person is complex. Are our environments and life situations our own fault? We can’t choose our parents, and we can’t pick what genes we inherit, but we can control how we behave and treat other people.Let’s stop pointing our fingers at others. Let’s stop being judgmental toward anyone who’s not like us. They didn’t ask to be different, and they are human just like anyone else. Let’s embrace everyone’s uniqueness and find a way to live in harmony.

Life is hard, but it can be so beautiful.

In order to respect my friends’ privacy, some names and places have been changed or are not disclosed.



Five stars


Sharing a journey of discovery.

Reviewed By Piaras O Cionnaoith for Emerald Book Reviews

ADHD is a mental disorder which causes behavioral issues. A lot of people think that individuals with ADHD can’t pay attention but the thing is, they can sometimes pay too much attention – paying attention to the wrong things or a lot of things at once. They also have a lot of energy. So, there’s a lot of fidgeting and they can’t keep still. They usually have difficulties following instructions. They get distracted a lot, so it means that they don’t finish things and sometimes don’t even start things. However, there are plenty of good things about ADHD. The ADHD brain is usually very creative, there are many artists, comedians, and singers who successfully live with the disorder.

Author Nico J. Genes shares a journey of discovery with her book LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. She meets and befriends a single mother and her young son. She tells a wonderfully descriptive story about their relationship. It’s an honest and open account of the trials and tribulations of trying to understand the struggles of parenting hyperactive children. She details her own feelings and frustrations in a candid way, while also sharing the happier moments.

What we know as ADHD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder has been recognized by some doctors since the beginning of the 20th century. But up until the 1980s, it was all about little boys who couldn’t sit still, couldn’t shut up, and were driving everybody crazy. It was just behavior problems. The name of the disorder was changed a number of times. There were different formulations. But it was all about behavior problems. Since 1980, which is when they first changed the name of the disorder to include the words “attention deficit,” the medical profession realized that this is not so much a behavior problem but far more a problem with the brain’s management system— its executive functions.

While the author must be commended for her research into this condition, this is not a textbook. It is, however, a well-written and first-hand account of the authors own experience. It’s a true-life story that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on any person concerned about ADHD. The message the book shares is that children need love, which translates into time and attention by parents, family, as well as teachers.

I’m a fan of Nico J. Genes so this book comes highly recommended and gets a well-deserved five stars from me. I’ll be looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.



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Author Nico J. GenesI experienced living in three countries (Romania, Croatia, Slovenia), learned the languages, traveled, met lots of interesting and different people who helped me have a wider view upon many life issues. In time I gathered so many thoughts and topics that I felt the urge to write about them, but there was always lack of time. But only since last year when having more time for myself, family and friends I felt that writing and helping people is what fulfills me the most. So I started a new adventure, as an author and blogger.

My first book MAGNETIC REVERIE was written on the magical coast of the Adriatic Sea in the beautiful city of Šibenik, Croatia. The main message wrapped up subtly in this intriguing romantic novel is to help awake anyone that still has any prejudices regarding non-traditional relationships.

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