Authority Podcasting: How to Podcast and Why (Success Academy Book 1)

November 8, 2019

Q: Why do the top entrepreneurs have a podcast?
A: To Get Ahead of the Rest!

That’s just one reason why you should Start a Podcast…

It’s easier than you think.
In this book you will LEARN:

  • Why to start a podcast

  • How to start a podcast with FREE tools

  • How to MONETIZE your podcast

  • How to instantly raise your AUTHORITY

  • How to NETWORK like a pro

  • and much more!

Get ahead of the POWER CURVE — scroll down and grab a copy today!



Pod Casts – A Powerful Marketing Media Tool…

Pod casting is an amazing way to bring audio content to users. Unlike traditional radio broadcasting, however, end users can select the content they wish to hear. Even more importantly, pod casting can now be used very effectively for marketing purposes.

Pod casts can be used to drive home your marketing message to your target consumers. You no longer have to wait for your target audience to log on to their email or to visit your website. Now, wherever your target consumers are, they can immediately be made aware of any news, updates or special promotions. This, of course, will radically increase response rates.

Authority Podcasting: How to Podcast and Why by Eric Z, Veronica Kirin, Paul Brodie and Kyle Gray will show you how to get started with this straightforward no fluff guide. Recommended reading for anyone interested in using this powerful marketing media tool.

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