Mirjana Bubevska – Book Illustrator

December 31, 2019

Mirjana Bubevska – Book Illustrator


***Mirjana is an independent artist/book illustrator recommended by Emerald Book Reviews

Mirjana Bubevska is an artist – painter and illustrator from Bitola, Macedonia.

Born on 18th of May 1989, she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 2012, as top of class student.

After the college graduation, she’s been working as a honorary restaurateur in the conservation and restoration projects of the Museum of Bitola, Macedonia, where she was working for 3 years.

In 2019 she was part of the Chair board of the Association of Artists of Bitola.


Mirjana is very passionate illustrator and she especially loves illustrating children’s books. Despite the children’s books, she has illustrated many other book covers.

These are the books she has illustrated:

2016- “Allana of Ruemist and the Fascinating Fox”, written by Poppy Dean, illustrated by Mirjana Bubevska

2017- “If I had my black belt” by Millicent J Mackeroy, illustrated by Mirjana Bubevska

2018- “Isadora!: Take That Thumb Out of Your Mouth” by Avelynn Myers (Author), Vanessa Myers (Editor), Mirjana Bubevska (Illustrator)

2018- “Raella”  by Vanessa Myers, Mirjana Bubevska (Illustrator)


Mirjana’s Contact Details:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirjanart/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/

Website: Mirjanarthttps://bubevskamirjana.wixsite.com/mirjanabubevska

Email: mirjanabubart@gmail.com


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