Fubars – A Political Fantasy Novel

January 12, 2020


Tracing various meanings of the acronym “fubar,” the story chronicles the adventures of an array of characters from diverse cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds, all of whom strive to leave their mark—at times in legitimate and at times in iniquitous ways. Among them are Fergus Ulysses Barr, the timid scion of Britain’s selfish aristocracy, Dwayne Junior Zobinsky, the offspring of an unscrupulous New York tycoon and an iconoclastic abstract artist, Tosh, a half-caste renegade and troubadour, Tosh’s loyal—and heroic—pooch, Mutt, and their respective girlfriends and assorted parents, as well as big-world politicians and their associates.

As the adventures unfold, one message emerges: whereas in the private sphere opportunities for harmony and reconciliation arise, mainly at the behest of the younger generations, in the public/political arena, strife reigns unabated.



This novel starts out funny and ends up even funnier.

Reviewed by Piaras for Emerald Book Reviews on January 12, 2020

We regularly face a number of incidences that make all of us understand just how ridiculous or evil some people’s behavior or ideas might be. Satire is the capability of showing, basically ridiculing these kinds of incidences by utilizing humor or hyperbole. It may be specific at nation-wide politics, society, tradition or individual people. Satire focuses on raising an individual’s mind by smartly and shrewdly getting glimpses associated with high and also lowly things. It is admonition of vices creating good fun of the unique activity through powerful use of mockery and biting wit.

I’ve read this author before and it’s safe to say that his story-lines leaves the reader spellbound to say the least. Paddy Bostock leaves the reader again mesmerized with ‘FUBARS’. The story-line and plot of ‘FUBARS’ was amazing. From beginning to end, the author holds the reader’s interest.

As always, Paddy Bostock does a great job with character and story development. He’s so prolific, so inventive, so exactly what I want to read. This book starts good but ends great and this is one book I didn’t want to end. Paddy Bostock’s writing style is both captivating and hypnotic.

The contrast between tone and content is a characteristic talent of only a few authors. Bostock pays as much attention to his sentences as he does to his plots, shifting or consolidating meaning with the use of a single word. His writing is impeccably honed, full of juxtapositions and qualifications that help to create a satirical atmosphere that will leave you laughing out loud.

I was uncertain as to what FUBAR actually meant until a Google search revealed that it was an acronym for F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition! Soldier Slang of World War II. Enter the main protagonist: Fergus Ulysses Barr. A clever title with an equally clever story-line.

There’s no doubt that ‘FUBARS’ is an exceptionally well-written book. However, it must be said that this story is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. A word of caution, therefore, for those who are linguistically sensitive. Nevertheless, the themes and outcome are just as affecting in the arresting contemporary political landscape.

Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.






Paddy Bostock was born in Liverpool and holds a B.A. in Modern Languages and History, a PGDip TESL, and a PhD in English Literature. Down the years he has been a barman, a road worker, a songwriter, an educational researcher, a translator, a book reviewer, a university lecturer and Chair of Department, and a high school mentor. He lives in London with his wife, writer Dani Cavallaro, and likes animals and bicycles.


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