Sheriff B.J. Kincaid: Bullet for a Bad Man

February 9, 2020


Sheriff B.J. Kincaid: Bullet for a Bad Man: A Classic Western From The Author of “Jacob Blade: Vigilante”

From the bestselling author of “Jacob Blade: Vigilante” comes “Sheriff B.J. Kincaid: Bullet For A Bad Man.” This brand new Western will take you on a rip-roaring adventure across the bad lands of the Old West!

When Lee Muldoon, a newcomer who bought a big ranch near Calabash Crossing, makes unwelcome advances to her friend, Mazie Carter, Sheriff B.J. Kincaid decides to check up on him. His hands refuse to allow her to enter his ranch, so she does a covert reconnaissance from a nearby hill, and sees things that make her suspicious, though, not enough to warrant legal action. Back in town, she enlists the help of Mayor Entwhistle to get Judge Henry Peckham to issue her a warrant to search Muldoon’s place, a request the judge, no fan of hers, denies. Disappointed, B.J. goes to visit Mazie, and learns that she’s missing, and one of the women working at the Silver Dollar Saloon saw Muldoon and two of his men entering her room early that morning. This changes everything, and Peckham reluctantly issues a warrant—but only allowing her to search for Mazie.

As usual, the men of Calabash Crossing refuse to step up to the plate when B.J. tries to organize a posse, and she’s left with just the Silver Dollar’s bartender and a stable boy, until her friend Darby Yates comes to town and throws in his lot.

Arriving at Muldoon’s with her posse of three, she’s again denied entry, only this time, it’s not just a lone guard, but Muldoon’s entire crew, barricaded in front of the house, and loaded for bear.

Any other sheriff facing such odds would probably back down, but B.J. Kincaid is not any other sheriff.


A Classic Western that’s packed with action and adventure.

Reviewed by Piaras on February 9, 2020 for Emerald Book Reviews 

Sheriff B.J. Kincaid: Bullet for a Bad Man by bestselling author Charles Ray is a wonderfully written and richly descriptive novella with brilliantly drawn characters. The author weaves a classic Western Fiction with intriguing twists and turns that will captivate the reader from the first page to the last. Skillfully constructed and set against the backdrop of the Old West, this book will have you on the edge of your seat! It’s a quick fast-paced read that will have you mesmerized from the opening chapter.

Bullet for a Bad Man had every element a good story should have. An interesting plot, attention to detail, but best of all fleshed out, well-written and well-rounded character development. There’s an abundance of well-illustrated scenes that make you feel like you are right there in the story, and that’s something I really look for in a good book.

An excellent series recommended to all fans of the Classic Western genre.






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