My Journey around Mont Blanc

March 3, 2020


My Journey Around Mont Blanc is a story of the fragility of human nature, testing its endurance and overcoming its fears, played out on the stage of one of the most beautiful and popular treks on earth.

Dan Karmi is a software businessman from Israel who had had virtually no contact with the outdoors, even in childhood. To celebrate his seventieth birthday, at the invitation of a neighbor, he decided to leave his protected office environment and try engaging with nature for the first time. A journey that starts as a normal tourist walk to enjoy the well-known scenery of the Alps turns into a major challenge to overcome the limitations of physical age, loneliness and lack of knowledge of mountain surroundings.

This book is a frank account of the author’s unexpected adventures, as well as his insights into the complexities of human nature and his serendipitous discovery of the beauty and importance of the natural world.



Numerical age is meaningless after reading this book!

Reviewed by Piaras on March 3, 2020 for Emerald Book Reviews

Books are not just words, paper, and nice-looking covers. They are powerful representations of ideas and philosophies that are just waiting to be heard. Some books are revolutionary, some are reserved; while some are just waiting for the right reader to absorb their words and connect on a more personal level. Books offer expertise, perspective, encouragement and inspiration; they can change your life if you let them! So, pull up a chair, pick up MY JOURNEY AROUND MONT BLANC, and allow yourself to live through the eyes of its author, Dan Karmi.

This is a candid story about the author’s unexpected adventures, as well as his observations into the complexities of human nature and his unexpected discovery of the splendor and significance of our natural world. What should have been a simple, down-to-earth guide about one man’s trip to Mont Blanc, turns into a personal journal testing his endurance and overcoming his fears.

There’s a lot that could be said about a man approaching his 70th birthday who takes up the challenge of hiking Mont Blanc in the Alps…but there’s just far more to be learned by reading his book instead! A wonderfully unexpected read accompanied by beautiful photographs of the Alps. Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.






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