Summer of ’77: Beaches, Bars and Boogie Nights in Ibiza

March 17, 2020


A holiday can change everything…

…it did for Fred.

He went on a two-week break with three friends to the Spanish island of Ibiza in July 1976. It was so enjoyable they all vowed to come back for the following season.

In April 1977, Fred returned to Ibiza, alone, in pursuit of his dream.

Behind him, he left his family, his girlfriend, and a promising career in banking.

Challenges lay ahead.

This would be no holiday.

He needed a place to stay and to find work that would sustain him through the next six months.

This true to life memoir follows 21-year-old Fred’s adventures as he acclimatises to living abroad. In a time before instant communication, he keeps in touch with family and friends by letter. They are his lifeline to home.

If you enjoy reading about people’s life-changing experiences, then this book is for you.



Plenty of sunshine, sex and sangria!

Books are not just words, paper, and nice-looking covers. They are powerful representations of ideas and philosophies that are just waiting to be heard. Some books are revolutionary, some are reserved; while some are just waiting for the right reader to absorb their words and connect on a more personal level. Books offer expertise, perspective, encouragement and inspiration; they can change your life if you let them! So, pull up a chair, pick up SUMMER OF ‘77: BEACHES, BARS AND BOOGIE NIGHTS IN IBIZA, and allow yourself to live through the eyes of its author, Robert Fear.

Honesty is the key factor for writing a successful memoir. SUMMER OF ‘77 by Robert Fear is a candid and honest look into the authors life as he explores holidaying as a youngster in 70s Spain. As you’d expect from a young man in his twenties living away from home, there’s plenty of sunshine, sex and sangria within its pages! Not for the faint-hearted, but an interesting read, even so.

A literary genre that entails writing about previous events in your life, such as certain life lessons, fascinating stories, miraculous recoveries or rescues, or any other intriguing personal experiences, this book will appeal to those who have lived through that decade. I’ve no doubt that it will also appeal to the younger generation offering insights as to how people communicated without internet or mobile phones.

People write memoirs to fixate, analyze, share, or rethink past events. This book refers to important and significant moments in the authors life. Recommended.






Robert Fear has lived in Eastbourne, on the south coast of the UK for half his life. He moved there to be with Lynn, his future wife and is still there with her thirty years later. As cat-lovers they have taken on several rescue cats over the years and are owned by three at the moment – Hazell (tabby), Jet (black) and Sparky, a bouncy ginger two-year-old.

For his day job Robert works as a self-employed software consultant. In his spare time he writes, edits and self-publishes books, and organises annual travel writing competitions.

Robert’s interest in travel goes back to his twenties when he spent most of his time abroad. His experiences included; a summer in Ibiza, hitch-hiking around Europe and touring the USA & Canada. His most eventful trip was in 1981 when he travelled around Asia.

Born into a religious sect known as the Exclusive Brethren, his father John took the brave step of leaving it with his young family when Robert was nine years old. Robert never saw his grandparents again but is thankful for being able to grow up outside this restrictive group. His life has been full of adventures that he would never have experienced otherwise.

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