A Grieving Mother

October 17, 2017


Many people lose loved ones daily due to various reasons. And each loss proves to be extremely difficult for those left behind to grieve! I express my dearest sympathy to you all.

Unfortunately, many of those lost die due to senseless violence, and this can add to the hurt and pain tied to the loss.

This is my story—of how I lost both of my sons due to such senseless violence, how I grieved, and how I began to heal. Join me on this journey as my story may connect with your story, and we can continue the journey of healing together!

If not for you, then bless someone else that you may know is mourning the loss of a child and may be in need of additional encouragement on this journey to healing!


Reviewed by Barbara Carter via Facebook (5-star rating awarded by Emerald Book Reviews)

I read your entire book early this morning (6 am -7:30 am). Your book is utmost inspiring and rather soul-searching. I say it’s soul-searching because you helped me to realize and to understand so deeply and exactly what one goes through from the loss of a child. It’s simply unimaginable.

Your book resurrected memories of my mother when she too lost her son on the eastern shore in a car accident (1982). I was 31 years old at the time I lost my brother. I saw him that Friday at my place of work and he was gone Sunday morning. His 30th birthday. My mom is now deceased; however, I can only imagine the pain and devastation she experienced in her life from the dreadful death of her son.

My mom was an extraordinary woman who did not show her children, her family the weaker side of her. I guess that’s the way it was back in the day. However, after reading your book, I began to realize and to believe that my mother did a fine job of suppressing her feelings and emotions just to keep the rest of our family strong and together. I said to myself…. what a heavy burden she must have carried while doing that! Now, I am more inclined to believe that mom didn’t allow herself the right to grieve. I then began to feel that my mother did a disservice to herself in taking on the role of a super strong black woman and family figure. In other words, I believe she denied herself so much more that she was entitled too. Perhaps the inwardly holding on of all the pain and sorrow may have led to the decline in her health which proceeded on to her death. As you stated a broken heart.

As I read your book, I realize more attention needs to be given and much more emphasis is warranted in this area of death. I strongly advocate this belief because losing a child (especially through violence and sudden death) are extremely different from any other type of death. And as you stated in your book, no one really knows and understands that until it happens to their own love-one. So true (you hit the nail right on the head)!

So, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book and thank you for helping me to realize the impact and magnitude the loss of a child has on a grieving mother. From this day forward, you have propelled and charged me to go forth in my life sharing your book with grieving mothers in and outside my family. I will pray and ask God to use me as a vessel to see.

Reviewed by Ta’Sha Douglas via Facebook (5-star rating awarded by Emerald Book Reviews)

This weekend I went with my mom Marion M. Jones to a grief & loss counseling workshop at my home church in LA Faithful Central Bible Church. It was an amazing experience to go there and hear other people’s stories of their loss ones. I learned that I’m not alone. There are many others hurt with pain just like us all. I also learned that you must continue to put God first in all situations. We must have faith and know Gods word. It was beautiful to witness my mom being a blessing to others. I thank God as my lord and savior that he blessed me with an amazing mother. The other beautiful thing I witness was that there were men there. That was such a blessing to see. And to hear their stories were so touching, but just by them coming to the support group, it has helped each one that came. I want to encourage everyone that reads this to go to a support group, even if you’re not ready to talk. Be a support for someone else and become educated about the subject. Once you understand something then you can make the connections and learn how to change your mindset and then you can take your power back through God and wisdom. No one wants to talk about death or any loss so we suppress our feelings and then Satan has us where he wants us. He wants us to keep hurting. If you don’t understand the logical side of things and the spiritual side as well you will never get thru your pain. And most of all its healing when you talk things through. We all need healing through our struggles. I encourage men and women to go to a support group as soon as possible. I understand we all grief differently, and in our own timing. Sometimes the enemy will use that against us. Try your hardest to push yourself. I wasn’t going to go but God told me to go and I pushed myself to go. And I got so many blessings and nuggets to take with me. Don’t miss out on your blessings. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Love, Peace, and Blessings!








Marion M Jones has been “A Grieving Mother” since 2002, losing two (2) sons she decided to express her pain by writing and becoming book author. She has climbed to the top to survive, and move forward in her grief. She and her husband share their home current now in Southern California with other family members. Marion work with parents who have lost a loved one and are tired of feeling overwhelmed with sadness and hurt. She help them regain joy, peace, and love in their lives. Marion is also best known for supporting other grieving parents. Visit her at www.agrievingmother.com

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