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February 21, 2017

We’ve tested a lot of resources through the years we’ve been in this business and below are some of our recommendations.


If you subscribe for Author Marketing Club Premium that’s where you’ll get enhanced descriptions for your books on Amazon, Amazon money links, which allow you get more buzz around your books and the newest tips on the business of book marketing.


Before you decide on the title and subtitle for your books go to Kindle Spy to research your competition and figure out what the best-selling title will be. It’s also helpful for key words but not even close to what Kindle Samurai (below) can do.

KINDLE SAMURAI This is a very powerful piece of software that allows you to save hours of research in figuring out the most effective keywords for your books. (It only runs on Windows so if you have a Mac you need to get Bootcamp or VMware Fusion before you can install it). Here’s a free tutorial on how to use this software to select the best performing keywords.


Thanks to OptimizePress you can create an author website all by yourself from scratch.


If you think that your book is award-winning material (and you should), you should submit it to the annual Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest. It’s a great motivation to write exceptional books and you can learn a great deal on their platform as well.


List of Sites To Promote Your Free Amazon Kindle Books

Let These Sites Know 7+ Days Before Your Promo Starts

It’s important to plan your book marketing campaign ahead of time for your KDP Select free promotions on Amazon Kindle.

This list of sites require at least 7 days notice prior to the beginning of your book promotion. If you don’t submit your book promotion by the deadline, they may not be able to promote your book, so don’t do this last minute!

Post On These Sites The Day Your Promo Starts Or 24 Hours Before

These sites don’t require much advanced notice for free book promotions.

More Sites to Promote Your Books

Free Book Twitter Influencers

These Twitter users all have medium to large followings on Twitter who love to hear about free books.

You can simply follow them on Twitter and then send them a Tweet and/or a direct message asking them to promote your book.























Facebook Groups For Authors

These are all great groups to join on Facebook to network and connect with other authors, share marketing ideas, ask questions and build relationships. I highly recommend you join these groups if you’re a serious author!

Note: The rules of these Facebook groups for authors change over time, and some of these groups do not allow you to promote your books so make sure you read the rules of engagement or you could get banned from these groups.

Facebook Groups For Fiction Authors

Facebook Groups For Promoting Your Free Books

More Author Resources

Know any other great resources for authors to connect and promote their books? Please post your comment below and let us know! I’ll be happy to update the list.

For Your Paid Book Promotions

Looking to promote your book at 99 cents and up? Check out our list of paid book promotion sites here.




Marketing tip: connect with book bloggers


When I speak with indie authors about their marketing efforts, one thing I hear quite often is that they have no idea how to find people who will review their books. For many this is a huge source of frustration, not to mention disappointment, which is completely understandable given all the time and effort they spent writing the book.


If you’re in that boat, one great way to secure reviews is to reach out to book bloggers. Book bloggers love reviewing books, and most of them don’t care who the publisher is. As long as the genre is up their alley, they are interested!


Here are some useful links for finding relevant bloggers for your book:



Book Blogger Directory

Book Blogger List

100 Best Blogs for Book Reviews

Blog Rank

Book Bloggers International


The key is to send each blogger you contact a personalized note that makes it clear you aren’t just spamming everyone in the universe with the same request. You can use a templated blurb about your book, etc., but always begin your email with something specific about the blogger in question. Doing so takes extra time, but it’s well worth it as you’re much more likely to get a response.


Here’s a useful trick: once you identify a blog that’s perfect for your book, check to see which bloggers that blogger follows. Most book bloggers post links to their favorite book blogs, so why not contact those book lovers too? It’s an easy way to find more target readers, and you can repeat this process over and over and over.


Another great thing about book bloggers is that if you ask them, in addition to posting their review of your book on their blog, they will usually post it on Amazon. Just remember to ask! In my experience avid book readers are very nice people, so there’s no reason to be afraid of them. They love books, which means they love authors. And that means you!

It was a bright morning on the 4th March and today was Max’s fifth Birthday. He was woken by a snoring coming from underneath his pillow…




He slid into my room, unnoticed, while I placed a  last photo into its 4-cornered slot. I sat on my childhood bed in a room I had once shared with Mary, my older sister. But now she was gone, so I was pulling together the few pictures I had of her, along with colorful hand-painted postcards sent to me from her travels, and pictures of her in the Louisville Courier Journal—as lead in a school play; victorious captain of the Amazons, a field hockey team; at graduation from Louisville Collegiate School wearing her long white gown and holding a spray of roses, the color uncertain in the black and white photo.

I rested my hand gently on the last page, feeling my sister, afraid that closing the heavy leather scrapbook would unsettle the memories as fragile as a whisper.



       Use BookLikes to Promote Yourself and Your Books


BookLikes helps authors and publishers reach their audience –  readers, reviewers, and book bloggers. This is the perfect place for authors and publishers to promote their books, present themselves to the community of over 40K book bloggers, and share their writing life.




BookLikes for Authors – Worldwide 


The BookLikes Author Program is free and available for new and experienced authors.


BookLikes has a lot to offer not only readers and bloggers, but also authors and publishers. It is a new and exciting experience; it’s much more than just a plain profile on another book-social site.


Discover what can you do as a BookLikes Author ->

BookLikes has a lot to offer not only readers and bloggers, but also authors and publishers. It is a new and exciting experience; it’s much more than just a plain profile on another book-social site.


BookLikes offers authors and publishers a personal webpage with a blog, virtual bookshelf, and reading timeline.  It’s a place where authors can promote their books and present themselves to the community of book lovers.


  • BookLikes helps authors/publishers meet and interact with book bloggers
  • BookLikes helps authors/publishers promote their books and their authors
  • BookLikes is a tool to reach 40,000 active book bloggers
  • BookLikes is a place where authors/publishers can be discovered and stay connected with the influential book lovers’ community
  • BookLikes helps authors/publishers stay active on their social media channels — authors can synchronize their BookLikes account with their Facebook Page, Twitter, and Amazon’s Goodreads
  • BookLikes is independent. BookLikes is free — and always will be.


In order to take best advantage of BookLikes’ features, download BookLikes For Author – Guidebook ->


Celebrity Endorsements

The power of celebrity endorsements is often times overlooked by writers. is a searchable database of celebrities and contact information for their representatives. For obvious reasons, it doesn’t give you any celebrity’s personal e-mail address.
You can, however, sign up for a trial program that offers seven days of access free of charge. This will give you enough time to grab contact information for the representatives of celebrities you want to endorse your book.

It’s also important to note that you need to provide credit card information to participate in the trial program. However, if you cancel your account within seven days, your account will not be charged. There’s a hefty annual fee of $197. So, if you don’t want to subscribe for a year, make sure you cancel so you don’t get charged. They also have a monthly (basic) membership of $47/month.

Book Translation Services

If the costs of translation services have kept you from expanding into international markets with your book, Babelcube could be a good option.
Babelcube will translate your book into other languages absolutely free. This service provides an easy way for publishers and indie book authors to partner with translators at no cost. The company then distributes your book in multiple languages worldwide. The only snag using this process is that you, the translator, and Babelcube share the royalties.


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