The Battle of the Erathiel: Across the Enchanted Sea

November 25, 2017


The ancient elven race of the Erathiel embark on a journey across the Enchanted Sea to find a new home. With them travel the only remaining dwarves and humans from their land. They are struck by a terrible storm that leads them to a land they are not keen to call their own. Soon they will find that there is more to this new land than they had ever expected. Friends and foes, hope and loss will be their constant companions in this adventure where wizards and shape-shifting adversaries will cross their path.





A page-turner!

Reviewed by Anna Morganon March 21, 2017 (Amazon)

What a delightful story! Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It’s light, well-written, and a real page-turner, so prepare some tea and snacks because you won’t be able to put it down for more than a few hours.

I’ve read my fair share of fantasy novels and I know how hard it is to come up with a world of your own inhabited with believable creatures acting out a plot that doesn’t resemble a bizarre fairy tale. Constanza Mayer created an elegant storyline that nods to the classics of J. R. R. Tolkien with Hobbit’s amazing adventures and the fight with pure evil that we see in the Lord of the Rings. Yet the world inhabited by Erathiel is purely original and has its distinct atmosphere along with magic and epic fights between good and evil. These topics never seem to get old, but what I really like about The Battle of the Erathiel: Across the Enchanted Sea is that the author put a new twist on the fantasy genre we’ve all grown to love so much.

So what do we have? In the very beginning of the book we meet the remnants of a once powerful civilization that are running away from their homeland. Three ships are carrying the elves, Erathiel, a few dwarves and only one human – this is all that’s left of them! A tragedy marks their escape as a harsh supernatural storm separates one of the ships from the rest and a precious elven sister named Isilen gets lost in the sea. Led by charismatic king Thinidiel, the elves find shelter on the new land of Dor Annon, but it’s not entirely hospitable. In fact, they find out that this land has troubles of its own and their kin might be the only one who can help!

The plotline is truly enchanting and the characters are well thought and written. They all are truly alive and you start caring for them as if they were your friends right from the first pages of the book. You’ll meet the feisty Lothar, witty Valruin, Bazur and Nurunn, who are dwarves and the last of their kind, as well as gentle Telwen, a human girl. Each of them possesses a unique character that is vibrant and live with carefully thought details. On the new land Erathiel will encounter both friends and foes. The lizard people will not welcome them warmly, but they will find shelter on the mountain inhabited by the Orach people. From there the adventures will only begin unfolding as more friends and archenemies will become part of the story.

It is one of the most fun reads I’ve had in a while, so I recommend it to anyone who is into fantasy, adventures and strong characters.





Constanza Mayer is a Chilean author. Born in Santiago, she spent most of her childhood living in different cities across Chile, until she finally settled down for many years in a small town in the state of Illinois. There, she began her true journey into the realm of fantasy and all things magical—Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, fed her imaginative mind. This is when she began to write her first fantasy novel, but it was sadly lost due to a computer virus.

After many years passed, having moved back to Santiago, Chile, she was finally able to write again. This is where “The Battle of the Erathiel” truly began to develop. After almost two years of hard work, and living for a time in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, she finishes the first novel of her series in Santiago on October 29th, 2016.

Constanza is an avid reader, a lover of the arts, and a devoted piano player and composer. Among her dreams, she hopes to continue traveling across the world to fill herself with more experiences to write from, as she typically says:

“Hay que vivir para poder escribir.”
“You must live so that you may write.”

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