Agile Confusion: A Quick Understanding of the Basics and Application

BOOK DESCRIPTION The book, ‘Agile Confusion: A Quick Understanding of the Basics and Application’ is for those who are time poor in a fun easy to read semi fictional story format. It is the second book in the Carnsa Development Series. Perhaps you are not sure what using Agile methodology in a project means? Are you going to connect with some IT people and want a fighting chance in understanding what they are going on about? Perhaps you just want to get a general idea during your lunch break or commute home. Designed to be read in less than an hour. Follow an empowered Agile team with examples you can relate to. A quiz at the end of the book can be used to check your knowledge. You will be introduced to Agile methodology via Claudia Carnsa a business analyst with her family who work on a project together from start through to launch. Granny represents the doubts by those who don’t fully understand the approach. The project, is an opportunity to show the creation of user stories for requirements, creating the backlog, selecting from this backlog, estimation and ceremonies. If you don’t know what some of these words mean…

Entrepreneurship , Reviews / December 18, 2017

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