Raking Light from Ashes
History , Reviews / March 23, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Find light in the darkest hour Lala, a young Jewish girl, loses her entire family during the dark days of the Holocaust in the Warsaw Ghetto. Thanks to the kindness of a Polish family, Lala manages to survive the war, taking on an assumed identity. By a twist of good fortune and unbelievable coincidence, she is found after the war and eventually immigrates to Israel in 1950 to live with her Israeli relatives. A child’s struggle to comprehend a world gone mad Relli Robinson’s true story of survival offers a fascinating panoramic human drama that extends from the dark days of the Second World War to the independent State of Israel. A gripping and inspiringly optimistic narrative based on real life experiences, you’ll enjoy every page of this fascinating journey of hope. REVIEW An Absolutely Fascinating Read! By Piaras March 22, 2017 Each Holocaust survivor has a unique and individual story. However, these survivors’ stories didn’t end in 1945. They continue through to the present day. Their testimonies provide us with an understanding of how the events of the Holocaust have shaped their lives and are an ongoing testimony to the strength of the human spirit. This book is…

History Books – A Source of Wisdom
History , Reviews / February 19, 2017

Have you ever been in a political or social debate with someone and they said to you; history tells us that if we do this then that will happen in the future? Have you ever considered that maybe their knowledge of history is incorrect because the books that they have studied or the history that they were thought and think they knew is incorrect? We learn from our mistakes which we had committed in the past. If our knowledge of history is not complete, we bound to fall into such discussions. It has become a matter of debate that the history we have learnt is correct or not. Renowned historians are making a statement one day and disproving it on the other day. The talk to rewrite the history can also be heard in some corner. Between all this ambiguity, the best idea comes out to stick to what we were taught in our school days unless something revolutionary comes out. History books can be of some help to getting rid of the acquired perplexity. At school and at the university you learn history, weather you like it or not. Some of us become excited and read piles and piles…

Australian Battalion Regimental History Books
History , Reviews / February 19, 2017

Australian Battalion History Books were some of the first Australian military war books to be published about Australia’s military involvement in WWI. At the start of World War One Australian Infantry Battalion soldiers were recruited from the Civil Militia Battalion Units. Subsequent recruitment was structured on the Pals Battalions as devised by Lord Kitchener. Kitchener recognised that men who were from the same locality would be more inclined to join if they were serving alongside their friends – men from the same town or state. This formed a deep military camaraderie and mateship amongst the soldiers. There were some Australian military books written prior to the ending of World War One. Some of the earliest were the ANZAC Gallipoli Books that were written by Anzac campaign veterans. These Gallipoli war books were mostly formed from the diary kept by the diggers during the Battle of Anzac. Books like, Love Letters of An Anzac (1916) by Oliver Hogue, Straits Impregnable (1917) by S. De Loghe and Over There With the Australians (1918) by R.H.Knyvett. An important exception was the ANZAC BOOK which was written by the troops at Anzac during the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign. The ANZAC BOOK was the idea Australia’s…

History Books – The Nature of Britain
History , Reviews / February 19, 2017

In his history book “The Nature of Britain,” Alan Titchmarsh explores the unique ecology of different landscapes and ecosystems of the UK. Alan shares his enthusiasm for Britain’s wildlife with his readers as he travels across the length and breadth of the UK. The author encourages readers to step outside and explore the natural history right at their doorsteps. The Nature of Britain features eight key landscapes of Britain. The landscapes are – Islands, Freshwater Areas, Farmlands, Coastal Areas, Urban Areas, Woodlands, Wilderness and Secret Britain. The book presents a beautiful contemporary portrait of Britain’s wildlife. The author tells us the stories of the surprising relationship between the land and the creatures that live there. He pieces together the puzzle of what lives where – and why? The history book features the very best of Britain’s flora and fauna. It gives us information about the lives of magnificent boxing hares and bizarre dung beetles. From the tiny harvest mouse to the mighty golden eagles, the book covers almost every wild creature of Britain. “The Nature of Britain presents” us with detailed information about several rare and elusive creatures of Britain. From otters to orchids, badgers to butterflies and dolphins to…

The Living History Books of Jacob Abbott
History , Reviews / February 19, 2017

Who is Jacob Abbott? I asked this question one day as I surveyed the latest public domain offerings at Project Gutenberg and found an interesting text by Mr. Abbott about Peter the Great. A Google search turned up a plethora of links and website answering this question for me. Jacob Abbott was the eldest son in a large Christian family where all five sons (there were 2 daughters) graduated from Bowdoin College, studied theology at Andover and became teachers and ministers. All except the youngest became authors as well. Besides being an author, Mr. Abbott was also a college professor and tutor, a pastor, the principal of a young ladies school, and later, of a boy’s school over the course of a long and productive life. Jacob Abbott wrote the first fictional series for children, the Rollo Books. In these books, Mr. Abbott uses a representative boy, Rollo, to both entertain and teach. From the preface to Rollo at Work, Jacob Abbott declares these purposes in addition to entertainment: To aid… * In cultivating the thinking powers… * In promoting the progress of children in reading and in knowledge of the language… * In cultivating the amiable and gentle qualities…

Preserve Your Heritage by Printing Your Own Family History Book
History , Reviews / February 19, 2017

In time the VHS tape was developed and large cumbersome movie cameras that would use these tapes to record family events and have them played on your home VCR and TV. In time, very small, moderately priced, digital movie cameras were introduced, where the movies could also be played back directly from the camera to your television, and the sales went wild. Then the digital still camera started to become popular and the digital movie camera has gone from three versions of digital tape to a mini CD. In the mean time the sales of digital cameras have rocketed and all sorts of different versions, attachments and recording medias have been developed. If you were one of the people who used an old 8mm or Super 8mm movie camera, and now want to watch those old movies, it is getting difficult to find projectors to view them on, and if you had a VHS movie camera, it has long since been retired (probably in the same place your old film camera is). The only thing that has remained constant in recording family history over that past several hundred years are books. You don’t need any special machinery to view them,…

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