Hunt (DeathSpeaker Trilogy Book 1)
Horror , Reviews , Science Fiction / February 21, 2018

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Two hundred years after a nuclear war nearly wipes out humanity, Earth is a desolate wasteland in which people are struggling to survive. Ricker is an assassin who wanders the world, not daring to call any place home. He seeks penance for past deeds as he hunts DeathSpeakers – humans mutated by radiation and the interminable Dark Plague, able to kill a hundred men just by speaking a single word. Mortimer is a DeathSpeaker. Born with his mouth sewn shut with unbreakable wires that will unseal his lips upon the arrival of his tenth year, he has been kidnapped from the only home he has ever known. Dragged across the wasteland of the world to destinations unknown by the servants of Master, a puppeteer hiding always in the shadows, his singular attempt at escape thrusts him into the arms of Ricker. When a jewel rumored to grant any one wish ends up in the hands of the illusive Master, Ricker and Mortimer are forced to work together to escape, but there is too much they don’t know, and this is only the start of it.   REVIEW A Well-Crafted Dark Fantasy Tale By Piaras on February 20,…

Holiday Fear
Horror , Reviews / February 2, 2018

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Six independent tales of murder, mayhem, and madness are on the menu this holiday season. As the last notes of “Auld Lang Syne” die away, a world-weary man, suffering from more than road rage, takes to the streets. During his drive, he recognizes his newest enemy: a homeless man who slighted him earlier. As a result, the driver runs him down and commits the city’s first homicide of the New Year. Elsewhere, a woman realizes that the Devil just might be in the details of a hellish contract offering a century of perpetual youth. Farther South, a man begins a birthday road trip. Unfortunately, an unscheduled stop in a not-so-friendly small town has disastrous results for this giant of the highways. In addition, a family ventriloquist act goes awry as the maniacal puppet has plans of its own. Later, as Thanksgiving approaches, an infomercial promises a deal too good to be true, unless you’re an undertaker. Finally, a man decides that he is not going to be put upon by his spouse; so, he disposes of his murdered wife’s body in a way Edgar Allan Poe would be proud of. These six holiday-centered tales are perfect for…

The Fare
Horror , Reviews / January 24, 2018

  BOOK DESCRIPTION The years have not been kind to Stan Murray. He is a recovering alcoholic who let everything dear slip through his fingers. One night he picks up a dubious character at the airport, who requests to be taken to a town Murray knows does not exist. During the trip, he will discover, to his surprise, that the town does exist, and that the road to perdition begins with the first turn of the wheel.   REVIEWS Very good story! By Jeanine on December 17, 2017 (Goodreads) Very good story.. One that makes you wonder a bit…  

The Night of the Jaguar
Horror , Reviews / December 30, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION A honeymoon without a husband is not so fun. Akumal is beautiful, but without Jerry, Summer’s hopes of sunbathing, margaritas and rolling around in bed together, have been ruined. But it’s the dead body in the cenote that clinches it all. Jerry is working on a case that he never mentioned, and Summer is left out. That is until she isn’t. Ghosts and jaguars are trying to help, but Summer is out of her depth. And when her life is put in in danger it is up to Jerry to save her. Will he make it in time? Find out by reading this fast-paced supernatural thriller.      

Garden of Salt and Stone
Horror , Reviews , Science Fiction / December 26, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Meet Peter Andrews, a dogmatic history professor that only deals with the material trappings of the physical universe. If he cannot see or touch something, then with near certainty, it does not or cannot exist. For him, musings of the supernatural are nothing more than the surreptitious meddling of a mind bent on creating abstract thoughts to soothe fears over the inevitable outcome we must all face. Peter is confident there is no life after death. Peter does not have a soul. Peter knows there is no such thing as Heaven or Hell. Peter cannot fathom a realm where angels and demons battle over the fate of humanity. Peter is dead wrong.   REVIEW A Gripping Dark Fantasy Tale. By Piaras on December 25, 2017 for Emerald Book Reviews Author A. L. Burgess Jr. weaves a unique and fascinating dark fantasy tale, with intriguing twists and turns that will easily captivate the reader’s attention from the beginning. The author paints an adventurous and action packed supernatural story in a very vivid and convincing way. In addition, the characters are drawn with great credibility and conviction. It’s a fast-paced novel that will keep you engaged from the first page…

Prelude to Insanity (Darkness Rises Book 1)
Horror , Reviews , Science Fiction / December 23, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Cole Larson is a socially awkward teenager, growing up in the small town of Los Olivos and with a huge crush on Laila Hardcastle, a childhood friend who seems way out of his league. After Cole is beaten up by her boyfriend, Laila takes pity on him and they get together just as summer begins, with their relationship developing quickly. In the background of their blossoming romance, however, Los Olivos is in crisis. People are disappearing, and when Laila’s abusive father’s truck turns up burned out and with no sign of him anywhere, attention turns to the two young lovers. As detectives Reese and Martinez are assigned to the case and begin to investigate, Cole meets a new kid, Matt, who has just moved to the outskirts of town. He introduces Laila to Marissa, Matt’s younger sister, and the two quickly become friends. But all is not as it seems to be. The body count is rising faster than the temperature and Laila could be the next victim. Aided by Redford, a reclusive warrior priest who has knowledge which could help them, Cole is determined that Laila will not fall into the world of darkness that stalks…

Horror Everywhere: An Anthology of Scares Volume 1
Horror , Reviews / December 2, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION   A book that holds a deadly secret. A violin that cannot be destroyed. A peephole that reveals true evil. A daughter with a lethal distaste for her parents. A watchful eye. Turn down the lights and enjoy these ten tales of the macabre as you find there is… Horror Everywhere   REVIEW Horror fans will love sinking their teeth into this one! From a young age, horror has been a companion for author Riley J. Pierce. It has been her longest love, and the thing that has kept her searching for what really goes bump in the night. From the classic monster to the teen slasher movies, she adores them all. She hopes that through the eyes of one horror fan to another, you’ll begin to ‘see the potential frights all around you’. She says that, ‘true horror fans can look at the simplest thing and turn it into something sinister.’ And that’s exactly what she has put into in this first anthology. The author weaves intense tales of horror, mystery, and suspense, with intriguing twists and turns that easily captivates the reader’s attention from the beginning. Amelia’s Secret, Enchantment of the Strings, Blind Date, Dinner…

The Witches of Wildwood: Cape May Horror Stories and Other Scary Tales from the Jersey Shore
Fiction , Horror / September 5, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Werewolves… vampires… swamp beasts… zombies… even a Jersey Devil… all of these chilling creatures and more await you in this haunting collection of 11 contemporary horror fiction stories by Mark Wesley Curran. Uniquely set ‘down the shore’ in South Jersey’s Cape May County, these scary tales are sure to terrify and entertain both adult readers as well as young adults. The spooky offerings include: – An abrasive radio talk show host is stalked by an angry werewolf in ‘Werewolves of Dennis’ – A Fun Pier boardwalk worker falls under the spell of a strange attic dwelling girl  in ‘The Girl In The Attic’ – An ancient sailing ship filled with bloodthirsty zombies crashes into the Jersey Shore in ‘Night of the Wildwood Dead’ The cornerstone of the collection is ‘The Witches of Wildwood,’ the harrowing and suspenseful tale of a witch-hunting preacher hell-bent on killing four teenage sisters determined to destroy the world from their Wildwood boarding house. This collection contains: The Girl In The Attic – Dante’s Inferno At Castle Dracula – Neptune’s Revenge – Night of the Wildwood Dead – Captain Harvey’s Wildwood Seafood Palace – Showdown In Anglesea – The Fortune Teller Machine  –…

The Destroyer
Horror / August 31, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION After untold centuries of absence, the evil Ancients have returned. Their magic appears unstoppable and their hunger for conquest is insatiable. To protect the country of Nia, Duchess Nadea and Scholar Paug make a desperate journey to find a human legend: A man known to have destroyed these Ancient foes with a powerful army. But legends can lie. When Paug and Nadea revive their hero from sleep, his virtue is far from clear. Is he really their Savior or their Destroyer? REVIEW A great read, but likely not for certain people  By Duncan P. Pacey from Amazon on October 24, 2016 This was an interesting read, but it left me in multiple minds. You’ll enjoy “The Destroyer” by Michael-Scott Earle if you love fantasy settings, don’t mind exploring a new one and are looking for something that has all the hallmarks of a typical sword-and-shield fantasy, but with a few unique characteristics. This is a story with magic (that humans aren’t so good at), kings/queens, brave knights and elegant, beautiful elves. Where it diverges from the cliche is that the elves are a historic people, rendered almost extinct in the past thanks to a human revolution (humans were slaves…

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