Clear As Mud
Fiction , Religion & Spirituality , Reviews / March 13, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Joyce McGraw had enrolled in a theology class at the college. She was one of twelve students. The teacher was instructing the class about duality and non-duality religious orientations. The student’s tasks were to write articles and make a presentation about dualism and non-dualism and share their beliefs. Another student, Martin, became infatuated with Joyce and a relationship began. It was touch and go between the two for many weeks. Joyce finally said she no longer wanted to take the risk of feeling lonely without him. Joyce began to have Out of Body Experiences (OBE). She trained herself through meditation to have these OBE without a crisis. Through her OBE she ran into a cocaine drug ring. She worked with the Chief of Police to capture the crooks. Joyce finally found solitude and shared with her boyfriend, Martin, that she would never feel loneliness again. She had accepted her feelings and could live life to its fullest by helping others who were lonely in the world. REVIEW A very challenging and thought provoking read, By Piaras March 12, 2017 This was a very challenging and thought provoking read to say the least! It’s a deep philosophical and theological…

Unusual Bible Interpretations: Ruth, Esther, Judith
Religion & Spirituality / March 8, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION This fourth volume of the Unusual Bible Interpretations series explores the biblical books Ruth and Esther and the apocryphal book Judith, which Jews and Protestants did not include in the Bible. Similar to Joshua and Judges, neither Ruth nor Esther shows any familiarity with the laws in the Five Books of Moses. Remarkably, Judith contains more religious expressions than either Ruth or Esther. Why, then, did the rabbis exclude it from the Bible? After a detailed analysis of the story, this book offers an answer to this age-old question. The volume contains a plethora of unexpected and thought-provoking facts, such as: Although many rabbis suggest that Ruth converted to Judaism, the story stresses repeatedly even at the end that Ruth is a Moabite. No mention is made that she converted. Indeed, the practice of conversion most likely did not exist prior to 125 BCE. Mordecai is the hero of Purim. It is he, not Esther, whom the book praises in its conclusion. According to II Maccabees 15:36, Adar 14 was called the Day of Mordecai. Both Esther’s and Mordecai’s names, although considered Jewish names today, are Persian names most likely based on the idols Ishtar and Marduk. In…

Unusual Bible Interpretations:: Jonah and Amos
Religion & Spirituality , Reviews / March 8, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION This fifth volume of the Unusual Bible Interpretations series explores the books of Jonah and Amos. The books of these two prophets are filled with obscurities, generating hundreds of questions, which have provoked misunderstandings and made it difficult to understand the prophets intentions. Noted biblical scholar Dr. Israel Drazin has prepared new translations of Jonah and Amos, included an extensive easy-to-read commentary, and related eye-opening discourses through which he uncovers and explores the books ambiguities: -Is the story of Jonah true, or a parable? What is the significance of Jonah being saved by a large fish, and why was a miracle even necessary? Why does the word repentance, which many assume to be the message of the book, not appear in it even once? -Amos prophesies to the Israelites that the Ethiopians are as loved by God as God loves the Israelites. He states that God performed miracles for other nations comparable to the exodus from Egypt. What is he teaching? Citing dozens of sources as well as his own views, in a clear and logical manner, the author presents a compelling case for a new understanding of Jonah and Amos, and moreover, that contrary to popular assumption…

Unusual Bible Interpretations: Hosea
Religion & Spirituality , Reviews / March 8, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION The prophet Hosea discusses topics that stand at the core of Jewish thought such as moral conduct, the correct mode of worship, the Jewish people’s relationship with God, and repentance. The Talmud even credits Hosea with developing the idea of repentance, a concept that has become the central theme of the High Holidays. Yet the book is filled with obscure words and rich imagery, which make it particularly difficult to understand. Through a detailed analysis of the words of the prophet and his story, Dr. Drazin unpacks the book’s messages for the modern reader. REVIEW Fascinating and intriguing interpretations about the prophet Hosea, By Piaras January 10, 2017 Growing up as a Christian, my limited understanding of the prophet Hosea resulted in him being portrayed as the “prophet of doom.” On the other hand, underneath his message of destruction, I later understood that there was also a promise of restoration. Hosea’s writings are evidently placed at the core of Jewish thought on subjects such as moral conduct, the manner and approach of worshiping God and repentance. After having read this book, I came away with a better understanding of this prophet and the author’s interpretations were deeply thought…

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