Love and Compassion Is My Religion: A Beginner’s Book into Spirituality

BOOK DESCRIPTION Jane Zarse grew up the child of privilege in Lake Forest, Illinois. She attended a prestigious academy, drove a new Audi to school, and discovered the love of boys. She also discovered alcohol—which quickly became her crutch. In Love and Compassion Is My Religion, Zarse gives readers a heartfelt look at how she finally learned to love herself, climbing back from hitting bottom with the love of God. She fought bulimia and drank to excess after graduating from Boston University, then worked first as an actress and later as a high-volume trader at Chicago’s Options Exchange. She lacked compassion for others, but didn’t realize why until much later. The reason? She didn’t love herself. But everything broke open after Zarse’s mother died of a heart attack and she divorced her husband. At first the downward spiral was steep, but then she found the strength to pick herself up and finally seek help. Love and Compassion Is My Religion is a guide to finding your spiritual self—no matter how much you’ve sinned or lost yourself. It’s a guide to how to find your way back. Zarse using her own excesses as an example, shows how it can be done.…

Life Changing Habits: Naturally Overcome Fatigue And Increase Your Daily Energy (Overcome Exhaustion, Increase Productivity, Improve Health, Increase Energy, Energy Diet, Improve Focus, Motivational)
Self Help / December 4, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Change Your Habits To Become Energetic, Overcome Fatigue And Increase Your Productivity:   We all should have endless energy inside of us to do the things we love to do. But in our todays world fatigue and exhaustion are common under all kind of people… This book has been strategically written and prepared for you to take you out of your energy deficiency experience and give you the maximum feel of energy for your everyday life. Many people live their lives feeling continually stressed out from unnecessary worries and a lot of anxieties whereas life should be enjoyed to the full. Take life the right way, and you will be able to live to the best of your potentials and abilities. Through this book, you will find step by step procedures and strategies that will help you get out of living a frustrated and stressed out life. With this book, you will be motivated to take the right way of making your energy count so that you become outstanding in every aspect of your life. You just need to follow the steps carefully and also make sure that you do them so that you get the expected results.…

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: The 3-steps method for a better way of life (How you can put Hidradenitis Suppurativa into remission) (Acne Inversa, Skin Disorder, Skin Disease)
Self Help / December 4, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Do you suffer from unexplainable bumps, cysts, abscesses and knots on your skin? Then you probably suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa! What is Hidradenitis Suppurativa? Why did the medicine not yet manage to find the cause for it, even though the first diagnosis was already made in 1893? And even more important: How can it be that many of the people suffering from Hidradenitis Suppurative have been successfully treated while you have probably never heard of the information given in this book? How can it be that I wrote an article in 2012 to help many sick people, and yet I am one of the few authors in the world who are now writing about it again? I had to realize that the life changing information in this book about Hidradenitis Suppurativa have not yet been spread wide enough, even after five years. Therefore, I decided to roll up my sleeves and to put a few lines on paper. A new way of life awaits you! As far as you decide yourself to take your life as well as your health into your own hand, to indulge my book without any prejudices and you decide to read a book…

Pick Up Women: Rise of the Authentic Lover – From Your First Hi To The Point Of Undressing Her
Self Help / December 4, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION I believe that every man in this world should have the ability to be able to speak to any woman he wants to and thus gets the chance to bring her into his life. Regardless of whether he is looking for sex, a relationship or the woman of his dreams. This book is directed to everybody who wants to become exactly such a man. No matter if you’re a rookie or somebody who is working to achieve this goal for a longer time now – There should be something instructive for anybody. The key to this goal will be: Becoming an authentic lover. I will show you, how you can achieve exactly that. On the one hand with the help of ideas and mindsets and on the other hand through a ten-steps-system (most part of the book) in which I will explain to you from the first “hello” to having sex, step by step, what matters when it comes to seduction. I will not provide knowledge that is based on theories but practical knowledge which I’ve gained throughout the years and successfully adopted. While doing so, I’m not going to mince matters, criticize our society, showing you how…

Building a Noble World
Religion & Spirituality , Reviews , Self Help / October 16, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Shiv R. Jhawar’s spiritual book, Building a Noble World, inspires seekers to go beyond organized religion to discover their own spiritual nature.  In this uplifting and thought-provoking book, Jhawar writes, “Once you have an experience of transcendental reality, you are changed forever.” One of the ironies of the 21st Century is that in spite of tremendous progress in science and technology, people still suffer from increasing levels of stress, unhappiness, mental illness, and addictions. What’s the use of wealth if one’s mind is not at peace? Peace, happiness, or perfect love – that’s what everyone is seeking. Nobody can ever find it by seeking outside because it lies inside. Only when one stops seeking outside and dives within, can one discover the blissful inner Self. Unless one finds the authentic source of peace within, one cannot live a meaningful, fulfilling life. This discovery is the foundation of all religions. The book, Building a Noble World, is a trustworthy guide for attaining everlasting bliss and contentment. Drawing from some of the greatest prophets and philosophers throughout the annals of history, Jhawar conveys a very simple yet profound message: There will never be peace in the world until people first…

No One’s Business: A Migrant’s Barefoot Journey to Millions
Biographies & Memoirs , Self Help / September 14, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION In No One’s Business, a courageous young man from Moldova walks for six months to reach a destination he knows nothing about in a new country. He discovers that even prison is a better option than what he left behind. Vadim Turcanu is a world-class entrepreneur, judo champion and philanthropist who shares his unique vision to help us create better life choices. Here, the author shares his real-life story, as it happened when he walked barefoot across Europe, with nothing apart from his dream to be a winner in the game of life. “Why do I need to know his story?”  The answer is simple. You are a migrant. Even if you’ve never left your comfortable home to seek a better life, even if you’ve achieved everything that was expected of you, you still have the right to be curious about who you are. And you have the right to know what is available when you open your mind into other people’s realities. What have they done that’s made them successful? Migration is not moving from one country to another. It’s moving from where you are to where you want to be. REVIEW From Piaras on behalf of Emerald…

The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light
Religion & Spirituality , Self Help / April 27, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Although humanity has reached a defining point in our spiritual history, the fact that our world is changing from the Age of Darkness to the Age of Light at this very moment is not yet widely known. This transition comes on the heels of generations devoid of the intuition and internal powers that can be activated within ourselves by using both sides of the brain in tandem. The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light explores and supports our individual journeys towards consciousness and helps us claim our birthright of vital shamanic powers and deep, intuitive wisdom. With this essential guidebook, you’ll discover the true meaning of the Great Shift in Consciousness and the coming Age of Light. This comprehensive book will not only help you understand, but also fully engage in, the worldwide spiritual awakening currently taking place. In our own nation’s history, the Age of Darkness has corrupted the moral integrity of what our Founding Fathers stood for. The outcome is a bleak world of corporate greed, the enrichment of a few at the expense of the many, the destruction of the Earth, and a departure from our divine purpose. Nothing…

Leaving Home! (U.S.): Practical Stuff to Help You Survive in College and Beyond
Self Help / April 5, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION This easy-to-read book covers all the practical skills that young adults need to have when they move out of home, to college and beyond. It covers managing money, health, cooking, cleaning, clothes maintenance, getting a job and more! It has everything their moms have been trying to tell them for the last 18 or so years. REVIEW Intelligent, Wise and Packed to the Rafters with Practical Common Sense Advice, June 15, 2016 Anni Grimwade started her professional life as a physiotherapist in Melbourne before becoming a management and productivity consultant in Sydney. After completing her MBA at Monash University in Melbourne and Stern Business School in New York and then moving to Hong Kong, she worked as a general manager for a recruitment company and subsequently as a university lecturer and program leader. During a 5-year stay in Jakarta she undertook freelance editing work, and then returned to Melbourne with a growing family where she was able to resume a range of management consulting assignments. She has an Applied Science degree in Physiotherapy and an MBA in International Business. So, having this kind of educational background and also a mother to three teenage children, I would safely say…

Story Prompts That Work: 52 Detailed, Tested Story Starters for Short Stories and Flash Fiction (for Adults and Teens)
Self Help / April 5, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION There’s nothing like a well-crafted, guided story starter to put a stop to that dreaded empty computer screen! Story Prompts That Work includes enough detailed prompts to write a story a week for an entire year (and then go back and use the prompts again the next year). Each prompt has enough options and examples that they’ll work well for just about anyone. Carly Berg is a freelance writer who’s also been both an editor and a teacher, so she’s got you covered on this one. Other Books by Carly Berg: Writing Flash Fiction: How To Write Very Short Stories and Get Them Published (Then Re-Publish Them All Together as a Book) Coffee House Lies: 100 Cups of Flash Fiction REVIEW Here is a Writing Book that has Soul, By Piaras June 19, 2016 “Where do you get your ideas from?”It’s a question and quandary that is a continual source of irritation for every writer. And once you’ve got an idea, what then? Ideas without a plan or purpose are no more than just pleasant thoughts. Story Prompts That Work: 52 Detailed, Tested Story Starters for Short Stories and Flash Fiction, will help you find some answers. Utilizing…

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