Story Prompts That Work: 52 Detailed, Tested Story Starters for Short Stories and Flash Fiction (for Adults and Teens)
Self Help / April 5, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION There’s nothing like a well-crafted, guided story starter to put a stop to that dreaded empty computer screen! Story Prompts That Work includes enough detailed prompts to write a story a week for an entire year (and then go back and use the prompts again the next year). Each prompt has enough options and examples that they’ll work well for just about anyone. Carly Berg is a freelance writer who’s also been both an editor and a teacher, so she’s got you covered on this one. Other Books by Carly Berg: Writing Flash Fiction: How To Write Very Short Stories and Get Them Published (Then Re-Publish Them All Together as a Book) Coffee House Lies: 100 Cups of Flash Fiction REVIEW Here is a Writing Book that has Soul, By Piaras June 19, 2016 “Where do you get your ideas from?”It’s a question and quandary that is a continual source of irritation for every writer. And once you’ve got an idea, what then? Ideas without a plan or purpose are no more than just pleasant thoughts. Story Prompts That Work: 52 Detailed, Tested Story Starters for Short Stories and Flash Fiction, will help you find some answers. Utilizing…

The New Love Triangle: Your Practical Guide to a Love-filled Life! (Recalibrate Your Life Book 1)

BOOK DESCRIPTION The New Love Triangle is a life changer! Short enough to be read in one sitting this book is a powerhouse for facilitating lifelong transformation. Bestselling author Allen Vaysberg is authentic and funny while masterfully weaving in concepts with practical application making it easy to add love to every part of life. You’ll come away with a new perspective and simple action steps for loving yourself, others, and your day! REVIEW Excellent Read, By Piaras September 2, 2016 I really enjoyed reading this book. And, I suspect all fans of the Self-Improvement genre will love having a nibble on this one also! The New Love Triangle: Your Practical Guide to a Love-filled Life is a very well written life improvement book. This book is intelligent, wise and packed to the rafters with practical common sense advice. It becomes very obvious as you read through this page turner that the author is imparting his wisdom and understanding as to what happiness and success really means. It’s an excellent guide for putting things into perspective. No matter what your situation is today, this book will put you on the right path to better things. I’ve been around the block a…

Declutter Guide: How to Organize Your Life in 2 Weeks or Less: Organizing Tips to Simplify your Life
Reviews , Self Help / April 1, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Let’s face it: clutter is a BIG problem. Some people’s houses are so full of junk and clutter that they experience a never ending cycle of anxiety and depression. Many people are too embarrassed to invite friends over. Excess clutter affects relationships, can cause a home to become unlivable, and can make you feel tired and fatigued. If you are struggling in this area and want a solution to feeling better you need this book. It can be challenging to let go of things that are sentimental and personal; however the Declutter Guide was written with people just like you in mind. It details simple, step by step procedures that can quickly get you on the right path to having a clean, organized, clutter free home that you can be proud of. The overall goal is to set up a space that works well for your needs. You want a home that is welcoming, warm, and filled with treasures that you love and make you feel good. REVIEW Excellent Read, By Piaras June 14, 2016 Ariel Benet Savant’s journey to becoming an author began when she was working in the corporate world. She felt Corporate America had a…

Thirty Shades of Happiness: On the Road to the Best Life Possible

BOOK DESCRIPTION Train your mind to be happy Feelings and Emotions are everything. What you feel determines the quality of your life because it establishes your life experience. But where and how are positive emotions created? Understanding the formation of feelings and emotions enables us to improve our emotional abilities and habits. When we produce good feelings and avoid frustrations, we can reach emotional balance and live the best life possible for us. Influence your perception of reality and emotional affect Positive occasions trigger positive emotions, but feelings are not only a result of perception – they also shape it. None of the actions we take to better our lives can directly address the most influential factor in determining happiness: our emotional state. And while our mind does not operate directly upon our desires, we do have the ability to influence it in indirect ways. Maximize the potential of any life situation to reach the best life possible 30 Shades of Happiness delivers a simple and logical way to connect with a variety of wonderful emotions available to you right now. The simple exercises in this book will help you internalize its revolutionary yet intuitive approach and turn it into…

Millionaire Training: Reprogram Yourself and Be Rich!
Reviews , Self Help / March 15, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION Seven original exercises that will change your relationship with money and open you to wealth. The mental images and ideas we have about money determine our possible wealth. From the day you were born, you have passively absorbed positive and negative ideas about money from your family, society and the media. Reprogramming your unconscious is the best tool to change your reality. Realize what your inner money programming is and change it to reach new levels of success and fulfillment. Re-program your unconscious and see the results in your bank account. Millionaire Training offers a fascinating perspective on the way money has been perceived throughout history, and how that influences your financial ability today. This breakthrough in the field of moneymaking will radically change your perception and open you to new practical options. Learn to let go of uncontrolled conditioning that holds you back and gain the power to create the life of your dreams. Gain the freedom to choose what money means to you and create the financial state you desire. Design and accomplish the financial state you aspire to with this easy to read, practical guide, which has put many people on their highway to wealth.…

Reconnected: A Spiritual Awakening Memoir
Reviews , Self Help / March 1, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION This enlightening memoir follows an Ivy-League scientist’s life when she is thrown into a crisis by unsettling events. Enjoyable as well as illuminating, it tackles important questions such as: What is spiritual awakening and the “great shift in consciousness” really about? How do we strengthen the relationship with our higher self and awaken spiritually? How do we “step into the light” and choose the light? And how do we know we’re on the right track? A personal memoir and a no-nonsense guide, Reconnected: A Spiritual Awakening Memoir explores the steps needed for developing trust in our higher self and our intuition despite societal expectations, accessing interconnectedness, and understanding our soul’s bigger plan. What she discovers is that when we reconnect to our higher self and follow our inner guidance we work with more than just our will alone; we gain the support of the Divine. Which means that miracles and magic will occur that wouldn’t have been possible through our will alone. The world needs to hear this important message. Particularly now, when so many are experiencing unsettling events in their lives and life seems more and more crazy. Read this book to gain a higher-level perspective, quell…

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Think Like a Winner, Act Like You Won: Unleashing POWER, PURPOSE, and VICTORY in Your Life
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