Children’s book: Nils Cuts His Nails – The Scissors Game: (Nursery Rhymes adventure full of imagination)

March 9, 2018



Daddy Thumb says, “Let’s give it a try”,
And Mommy Index swears, “No more shall I cry.”
She lines up the fingers, all in a row,
And suddenly brave, she says “Let’s go.”

“Nils cut his nails” is a story-game, for kids and parents alike.

Trimming time can be a struggle for many parents but for Nils & his mom it is an adventure full of imagination.

It is a game in which the parents and children can be partners, add and invent feelings, voices and expressions of their own, or simply sail with Nils and his mom from beginning to the end, including a pause to chop your children’s nails.

Enjoy the story with its colorful illustrations.



A delightful book for parents and young readers

By Piaras on March 8, 2018 (Emerald Book Reviews)

Author Nurit Zvolon writes in a wonderful rhyming style that guarantees the attention of young minds. If you ever wanted to bond even more with your children or grandchildren, this would be a lovely read to share with them. I read it with my grandkids and they loved not only the story, but also the illustrations (by Rotem Lots-Zaiden). I thought the text and illustrations worked very well together. This is more than just a cute illustrated story. This is a story-game aimed at helping children overcome their fear of nail cutting.

‘Mommy says: Nils my dear son is very smart.
On one thing he insisted right from the start:
To cut his nails he will always agree,
“But only with the Scissors Game”, says he.’

It seems to me that this book has been created with a lot of love and joy and it’s obvious that the author really enjoys creating such wonderful stories. Thank you for sharing with us the gift that you have obviously worked so hard to refine. We’ll be looking forward to seeing what’s coming next. Five stars from us. Well done!




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