Chinese Pearl

December 29, 2017



Author Patrick Aaron dips into his knowledge of early 1900s Nanking, China, to give readers Chinese Pearl, a well-crafted romantic adventure novel.

Midwife Xiulan isn’t expecting her dream of raising her own child to come true when she’s summoned to help a mother give birth to a baby boy. When the boy’s birth is followed by an albino girl with white hair, the grandmother urges Xiulan to dispose of her into the sea. Xiulan refuses, instead saying she’ll take the child and raise her.

The young Zhu’s looks aren’t the only thing unique about her. Her psychic ability draws customers to the family’s apothecary as mentor Mrs. Mah and her grandson Li help Zhu control and use her powers. But those powers draw the wrong attention when Nazi SS Captain Eckhart decides the young Zhu would be the perfect gift for his boss, Heinrich Himmler.

It will be up to Kaminski brothers John and Ron, both China National Aviation Corporation pilots, to save their friends as the Japanese capture the city of Nanking. Not everything goes to plan, however, as they attempt to escape the nightmare that Nanking has become.




One word: Perfection

By Nayab on December 27, 2017 (Amazon)

There are some books that you cannot just put down. They transfix you and make you forget the rest of the world, and finding such book is probably the biggest blessing and a gift of the universe to you. Chinese Pearl is one of those books that have something for everybody. It is a perfect blend of history, romance, mystery, and humor. This is a really great read and so full of expression. What else could a reader ask for? This is just perfection. I finished it in a day. The one thing that I liked the most was that this book has a lesson, and that’s something we don’t often get to see in today’s books.

It’ll keep you hooked until the very last moment. Those unexpected turns and plot twists made this book a total page-turner. I don’t regret buying it. This book made me cry and made me laugh, and for me, that’s a definition of a perfect book. I would totally recommend it to other readers out there who love rich expression and love to read something deep yet light at the same time.

‘’He really wanted to fly and knew he might get got, but he felt that flying would be worth it,’’ made me stop and stare at the wall for a little while. I don’t know why but these words resonated with my soul. It taught me that sometimes you got to take a risk.

The author did a really great job. Not everybody has the skill to combine serious with humor. I would certainly try more books by this author. This book is probably the best to gift to somebody you deeply care about and I am sure they’ll enjoy it. If you are up for an emotional roller coaster ride, then this is a perfect choice for you. I am in love with it. It made me feel good and made me realize the wonders unconditional love can do. This probably would be one of those books I’d like to read again and trust me, I don’t normally read a book more than once but I think I’ll make an exception for this one.

Chinese Pearl gave me absolutely nothing to complain about, from sentences structure, to plot, to mystery and expression; this book is totally flawless and I am desperately waiting for the author, Patrick Aaron to write more books because the world needs more such books. This is such a gem of a book and I am just so glad that I stumbled upon it. It had action, romance, fantasy, drama, and most importantly humor, which was enough to keep me spellbound.

I had a really good time reading it and it was very refreshing for me, and just what I was looking for. I’ll be honest here, I haven’t read such a nice book in a long time and nor have I typed such a long review of any book either, but I really felt like this book deserved it.

‘Chinese Pearl’ is a GEM

By Fay C. Gayle Hickle on August 11, 2016 (Amazon)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Chinese Pearl’ by Patrick Aaron, and I believe that you will too. The book is very well written and kudos to the author, Patrick Aaron, for keeping my interest from the first page to the last. There is something for everyone in this book…history, romance, humor, mystery and intrigue. I found myself going back and forth with the reading experience, between not wanting to put the book down and wanting to slow my reading because it was so enjoyable. There are two story lines that merge into one. Savor each as you read. Both are equally compelling. This is a ‘feel good’ book, with a few lessons. Some subtle, and some not so. One theme resonated with me. Unconditional Love. I am reading ‘Chinese Pearl’ again.




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