Crimson (Huntress of the Succubi Book 1)

November 27, 2017




Succubus demons walk the Earth preying on the desires and fantasies of lonely hearts. Because they can shape themselves into any human female, they appear to their victim as the perfect woman. Their goal is to seduce, steal the soul, then condemn the victim to hell, thereby allowing the succubus to remain on earth for many years.

Crimson DeHaven is a creole-born demon huntress. Her ability to sense the succubi presence is a talent handed down through her ancestry. She can see the hell hags real identity and she possesses the knowledge to send them back to hell for good. Crimson doesn’t love her appointment, but when the demons bring a war to her front door, they’ll soon learn why she’s been appointed the Atlanta Huntress of the Succubi.




Absolutely Loved it!

Reviewed by Rhall3691 on Amazon November 26, 2017

Crimson De-Haven was born into a family of demon huntresses. Her ancestors have been demon huntresses for over 100 years. They track and vanquish succubus demons. Female demons that steal the souls of men so they can stay on earth. It forever damns the men to slavery in the underworld. Crimson was born with the sight to see these demons through their human form. They fight the demons with spells, potions, and poisoned buckshot shells.

Over the years Crimson turned into a really good huntress. She started ATL college and began hunting in the city. She was doing good until word got back to Lucena, the head demon in the city of a huntress in the area. She was wondering why demons were missing. This is where trouble starts for her and where my review ends. Will Crimson be able to fight the head demon and all of her demon sisters in the area?

I really enjoyed this book. It sucks you in and it is hard to put down. I enjoyed it. I recommend this book to lovers of mythical-fantasy books. Another note, not for underage children.






Donna Woods is a High Priestess of the Coven of Butterflies. A 2nd year student at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. She loves writing about things that go bump in the night, sexy heroes and heroines and stories where love conquers all. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her spouse Kimberly.



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