Daddy’s Curse: A Harrowing True Story of an Eight Year Old Girl Human Sex Trafficking and Organized Crime Survivor

February 13, 2018



Daddy’s Curse –A Human Trafficking True Story That Will Change The Way You Think

Have you ever experienced total despair? Yuna was just an eight year old girl when she experienced total devastation. Growing up in the Mongolian countryside, she wasn’t ready to face the darker side of the world. And yet she had to.

After she was kidnapped by an organized crime gang, Yuna had to overcome her fears at a young age and start taking care of herself. She tried to escape from slavery, but everybody that she encountered wanted to take advantage of her. Yuna and other girls just like her were constantly abused, beaten, raped and sold as sex slaves. Human trafficking is the worst kind of humiliation, especially for a young woman. She tried to escape and find freedom, but it wasn’t easy.

In this emotional and heart-shattering true story, author Luke G. Dahl will let you behind the curtains of sex trafficking gangs and into the soul of abused women, who try to glue the broken pieces of their soul together, in order to survive. By understanding what they have had to endure, you can find a new perspective and respect for life.



A gripping first-person account of organized crime and human trafficking

By Suzanne on January 11, 2018 (Amazon)

Read via Kindle Unlimited: This book is a rare look inside the dark world of sex trafficking. The manner in which the account is told gives the reader a heart wrenching in-person exposure to this seedy world. A must-read for anybody that cares about the exploitation of children and women. Highly recommended.


This book should be on your radar for 2018!

By Jo O’Neill on January 14, 2018 (Amazon UK)

I literally couldn’t put the book down and every chapter was as gripping as the last. A very painful story but within the darkest of moments there is incredible endurance. I really hope that there will be a second book or at least an update as I’m desperate to know what happened to Yuna, Od, Cyril and all the other girls. I hope that this book raises awareness of human trafficking so humanity can finally put a stop to this soul destroying industry.

Thank you for sharing Yuna’s story.




Luke Dahl was born in Sri Lanka but grew up in Stockholm after being adopted by his Swedish parents. Following high school, he went on to study at University in Brisbane, Australia, where he achieved a degree in Business/Travel and Tourism. Today, Luke is back living in Stockholm, where he works as an accountant.

Luke has always had a love of writing and for poetry in particular, winning a competition a couple of years. Now he spends a lot of his free time writing scripts, perfecting his art and aiming to publish 2 books in the near future.

When he has time to relax, he enjoys going out with friends and seeing his family. He also loves to travel whenever possible and is involved in charity work through his family, constantly reminded by the Dalai Lama quote – ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’

In the future it is Luke’s burning ambition to trek to Mount Everest’s base camp and perhaps even attempt to climb the mountain itself one day.

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