Fortune Fair: For everything we give: A young woman’s inspiring story

December 14, 2017



An Inspiring tale that takes the reader into the good, bad and the righteousness of relationships, marriage, family life through unexpected twists and turns…

When the fortune goes upside down and always; when life brings struggle and chaos for a beautiful, conservative lady amidst nuances of a totally different world; will she sustain, survive or thrive or remain with broken dreams?

Fortune Fair is an engrossing tale with unexpected turns and transformations for the innocent lady that suffers the longing for love from her dearest and nearest.

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Fascinating, intense, and beautifully written.

By Irene2121 on June 22, 2017 (Amazon)

This beautifully written novel is a probing look at the contrasts of Indian and American cultures. Swathi is a pretty, 20-year-old college student in India. She’s happy with her life until her loving but strict father demands that she marry a man she has never met who lives in the U.S. They practice the same religion, but Swathi is in despair because she’s in love with Raj, a local boy she met at college. At her wedding, the forlorn bride prays, “God, please forgive me. I am committing a sin.” Her pain and suffering intensify as she and Kiran begin their new life in Ohio. Swathi’s days becomes a sad, dreary, monotonous ordeal. Her new husband is a cold, callous man who does not love, or even like, her.

Fortune Fair provides a chilling, penetrating look at the miseries of a forced marriage. Swathi is in turmoil and pain throughout most of the book as she struggles to adhere to her family’s expectations of her while holding onto romantic fantasies of a life with Raj. My heart broke for her, but I also ended up admiring her. Fortune Fair is Sadhana Ramaani’s first novel. Her characters are richly drawn and complex; her descriptions are vivid, and the prose is full of subtle insights. I look forward to many more books from this talented author.






Sadhana Ramaani is passionate about storytelling and writing. She is deeply connected with the family, relationships, culture and connections and strongly believes in the power of words and lines. She enjoys writing strong female leads that can sail through all unexpected twists and turns in the story.

Her first work of fiction is Fortune Fair, published on Amazon. You can read more about her and read her posts through


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