Hello from Around the World: Discovering The Cultural Differences of Children Around The World

November 25, 2017



A fascinating exploration of children around the world!

This is a fun and engaging picture book by the new author, Gioula Chelten. It is written in rhyme, which makes it an entertaining read for children of all ages.

With awareness of their cultural identity, the author delves into the lives of children from 12 countries around the world. It is a captivating picture book with bright and vivid colors. The illustrations are beautifully authentic, portraying life as it is where they come from.

“Hello from Around the World” is Fun yet Informative. Without realizing it, your child will be learning too!

Children are intrigued by cultural differences.

They are interested in the traditional foods, lifestyle, language, hobbies, sports and culture of others.

“Hello from Around the World” delivers.

The book explores the most common activities, foods and language shared in these 12 different countries. There is a particular focus on how they say “hello” and “thank you”.

Each child is also introduced by their traditional/ common name, making it a truly authentic experience.

The book is written in first person. This allows your little reader a more personal connection with his/her new friends from around the world.

Pronunciation guides are also provided for the basic words. This allows for a fun, easy and interactive experience. Watch your little ones try to replicate the new words they are introduced to. (Basic words include: Hello, thank you, and a traditional food).

Say “Hello” to your new friends from: Brazil, Australia, South Africa, France, Egypt, Germany, Japan, India, Mexico, Russia, USA and China.

This book is an excellent introduction into the lives of children around the world. It puts your child on a journey of exploration.

Your child will love “Hello from Around the World.”




An entertaining, fun and educational read

This is a charming exploration about how other children live around the world! “Hello from Around the World” explores the lives of 12 children and the countries included in this book are; Brazil, Australia, South Africa, France, Egypt, Germany, Japan, India, Mexico, Russia, USA and China.

It’s not just a fun read, it’s also educational. I read it with my grandkids and they loved not only the way the information was given in rhyme, but also the colorful illustrations (by Valeriia Koronets). I thought the text and images worked very well together. You can easily teach your child to say hello and thank you in the different languages and also find out what other children around the world like to eat. As a result, children will learn about others and discover the differences and similarities they share.

Author Gioula Chelten writes in a wonderful rhyming style that guarantees the attention of young minds. If you ever wanted to bond even more with your children or grandchildren, this would be a lovely read to share with them. It seems to me that this book was created with a lot of love and joy and it becomes obvious that the author really enjoys creating such wonderful stories. Thank you for sharing with us the gift that you have obviously worked so hard to refine. We’ll be looking forward to seeing what’s coming next. Five stars from us. Well done again!






Gioula Chelten was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2002, she decided to travel the world, with every intention of returning to corporate South Africa once she was “traveled out.” However, she fell in love with the natural beauty of the USA and its “good natured people”, and she decided to immigrate to the USA.

Gioula now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Skip, and 5 children.

Gioula is a full-time mother, entrepreneur and author. In an interview about her writing, she said: “I write for my children. When there are messages that need to be repeated, I tend to put it in a book.” When her 2nd son was afraid of the dark, she wrote “The Night Visitors”. In response to her first son’s invincibility streak, she wrote: “The Brave Silly Rabbit”. “Little Bear Takes a Winter Nap,” was written to express her eternal love, devotion and protection for her children.

“I feel grateful and honored that parents are sharing my books with their children. I hope it serves them as it continues to serve us.” says Gioula.

For more information about current and upcoming titles, please visit http://gioulachelten.com/.

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