LEARNING MY WORDS A-Z: Children’s Picture Book (Basic Word Learning Skills) Book 4

August 2, 2017


LEARNING MY WORDS A-Z: Children’s Picture Book (Basic Word Learning Skills) Book 4

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LEARNING MY WORDS A-Z, is a cartoon picture and word learning book. The book is nicely arranged from A to Z and comes with professionally designed and awesome pictures that children will love!

This is the perfect children’s book for beginner readers. Explanatory Notes for Teachers is also given at the end of the book.


•How to recognize and associate words and objects.
•Learn about things that start with the letters A-Z.
•That learning can be fun as well as educational!


 5.0 out of 5 stars Simple vocabulary lessons for beginners

Irish author /poet Píaras O Cíonnaoith has published many books – from children’s and adult poetry to books on anger management, genealogy, sexuality, food, stress and tracing Irish roots. Each of his books suggests this is a lad with a fine—tuned sense of humor. Now he steps into the instructor role with four delightful books on teaching youngsters drawing, letters, words and the alphabet.

In his Introductory comments for this book of poetry MAGIC POETRY he stated, ‘The art of Poetry is a subject we learn from a very young age, and provides us with a better knowledge of literature, rhyme scheming, reading skills, and writing skills as well! A child’s imagination is something that seems to fade away as we age, but this book will keep that fire alive!’ And now Piaras steps forward to support that concept with teaching. And finding joy and a fresh look on imagination is what Piaras shares in this beautifully illustrated collection of rhyming poems. But let the works speak for themselves.

With a very wise technique of utilizing images to represent letters, both capital and small case letters, Piaras adds a spectrum of images whose spelling depends on both cases of letters, making this a doubly informative teaching guide and information center. Each letter is represented by objects (Aa is the first letter for Apple, Alligator, Anchor, Astronaut, Aeroplane, Ee is the starting letter for Earth, Eggs, Elephant, etc). By using familiar objects children know Piaras expands the spectrum of how the letter can be used. It is so well presented that the steps are easy for a child to assimilate and enjoy. Excellent illustrations make this not only a learning experience but also a visual delight.
It is a pleasure to encounter a poet/author/artist who can hypnotize children’s attention and learning skills. Prepare for hours of joy! Grady Harp, June 17




Píaras Ó Cíonnaoíth is a poet and author who writes books for both children and adults. His positive and creative thinking, and his belief in the human spirit, make his books for children pleasant, interesting and exciting.

His books for teenagers and adults gives way to more serious thought on issues such as gender identity, counseling and emotional healing.

Píaras has a wide formal and informal education, including a Higher Diploma in General Counseling Skills, suicide prevention training, and over a half a century of what life has thrown at him. He lives in Southern Ireland with his son David and dog Max.

From Píaras: “Creating and writing children’s stories and poems has given me many hours of relaxation and joy, and I hope that reading them will do the same for you.”

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