Love Your Body: Lose Weight, Live Longer and Look Younger A New Diet Paradigm

October 24, 2017



Today we are suffering from the most widespread plague of disease in human history. It is not easily recognized because the disease has been subdivided and labeled by its symptoms. We call it obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, Alzheimer’s disease cancer and others. The truth is, these diseases are the same disease that presents itself differently in different people. The root of these diseases all trace back to one common problem. At the heart of our metabolism is a tiny organelle that lives in nearly all our cells: The mitochondria. Mitochondrial dysfunction is the common denominator in all the chronic diseases that are killing so many people.

After reading dozens of books and thousands of scientific articles, clinical and epidemiological studies I can attest that the science to support this claim is solid. Many doctors and scientists have come to the same conclusion. However, there is a concerted effort to keep this information from becoming well known. The food industry and the pharmaceutical industry have vested interests in keeping this information from the public.

When I began writing Love Your Body, I had no idea that I would discover so much corruption and profit at the expense of people’s health and their lives. Chemical companies, food companies, agriculture, pharmaceutical and even our government all play important roles in supporting our current diet paradigm. They all have a great deal at stake and jealously protect their interests at any cost.

Many of the staples of your diet are slowly making you and your loved ones sick. The food industry has been trying to keep this information secret for over forty years. They have paid off scientists and launched sophisticated misinformation campaigns designed to prevent you from learning the truth about the food you eat. If it became well known that most processed foods cause disease, it would change the complexion of the entire food industry.
The pharmaceutical companies make trillions of dollars treating the symptoms of diseases that arise from these diseases. They have a powerful stake in maintaining the status quo. Our current plague of chronic disease plays right into their business model. They make drugs that treat the symptoms of these diseases, making millions of people perpetually hooked on their pills just to live from one day to the next.

Our government began subsidizing farmers back in the early 1970’s as a way of stabilizing the food supply. Today, those subsidies go to huge conglomerates who have co-opted the family farm and turned it into a factory system that generates millions of tons of low quality food each year. The fall-out for people’s health and our environment has been catastrophic.

Love Your Body shows you the way out. You can create your personalized diet paradigm. You can take the principles that you learn in this book and apply them to any style of eating that you choose. Whether you are low carb, low fat, or vegetarian, you can use the information contained in these pages to reclaim your health. By eliminating the foods that are damaging your cell’s mitochondria, you can reverse the signs of aging, increase your energy, lose weight and extend your life.

My beautiful wife Tracy, whose picture is on the cover of the book is an example of how anyone can look great at any age. This picture was taken just before her 50th birthday. Her radiance comes from a combination of clean eating and exercise.

If taking control of your health is important to you, then you simply must read Love Your Body.




Love Your Body: Lose Weight, Live Longer and Look Younger a New Diet Paradigm is a very well written Health and Life Improvement book. This book is intelligent, wise and packed to the rafters with practical common-sense advice. It becomes very obvious as you read through this page turner that the author is imparting his wisdom and understanding as to what happiness and health really means. It’s an excellent guide for putting things into perspective and may well be a potential life changer for those who read it.

From the beginning of this book I was impressed by its honesty and integrity. Just looking at the front cover of the authors wife (who’s in her fifties) and the biography picture of the author himself, both simply radiate energy and vitality. So, it becomes obvious that they practice what they preach, so to speak. Progress, not perfection is the central theme of this work. It immediately takes the pressure off an individual who has tried several times to lose weight, and failed. Not so with the information here. It’s encouraging, motivating and inspiring. It encourages you to take small steps while building a bigger, stronger and healthier future.

Science, common sense, and counter intuitive thinking show you how to gain control of your metabolism, burn fat and lose weight so quickly you know this is the right way to live. However, like all lifestyle modifications, change takes work. But this is a book that makes that work more of an eating evolution rather than a life time of deprivation.

No matter what your situation is today, this book will put you on the right path to better things. I’ve been around the block a few times myself and even I found this read to be very insightful. This wonderful new book will show you how to take control of your health issues and properly tune into what your body is telling you and the simple rules you must follow to achieve this. This is by far is one of the best Life-Improvement books I’ve read in a long time.

If you are looking for a no frill, common sense approach to dealing with your weight and lifestyle in general, this is an absolute must! I couldn’t fault it in any way. As you read this book you are being brought back to simple basics that seem so obvious, but we all forget…and neglect. The author must be commended for his time and effort for producing such an informative and insightful book. Also, the writing style is friendly which makes for an enjoyable read.

I highly recommend this book to both the public and healthcare professionals. Definitely a five star from me. Of course, as with all healthcare books I review, I have to mention that before engaging in any healthcare regime you should always consult your own healthcare professional as a matter of wise precaution. I know this sounds like a contradiction, but as a matter of course, I must mention it. I personally found this book to be helpful, informative and insightful. I have no doubt whatsoever that all those who read it, will benefit greatly from it. I would also encourage the author to continue in his writing efforts to produce similar works.





I have seen several people that I deeply care about suffer from what are called “The Diseases of Civilization.” Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. In 2001 I became certified as a Personal Trainer and later as a Health Coach. I began researching the relationship between nutrition and disease so that I could help people avoid becoming a statistic on another government report. We all die eventually, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be healthy and happy right up to the end. My mission is to help people live their lives to the fullest. You can only achieve that by having a healthy mind and a healthy body. My writing is dedicated to the people that I love and the loved ones who have passed. If I can help one person avoid the pain and suffering experienced by so many, that I will have succeeded.

I have only begun my journey as an author. My full-time profession had been working as an executive in the insurance and financial services field. My experiences working with people from all walks of life taught me that we all share the same basic values. Regardless of your economic or educational status, you value your health and the health of the people you love. Everyone wants to live a long and fulfilling life and we all want that for our friends and family.

When I became aware of the deceptive practices used by industry to sell products that make people sick, I knew I had to add my voice to the chorus of professionals opposing those companies, products, and practices. By educating people about nutrition and exercise and just how miraculous their effect can be, I know that I can add value to people’s lives.

My wife Tracy provided the photograph for the cover of the book. She had it taken three months before her 50th birthday. She worked hard to get herself in great shape as a gift to herself. She proved that it is possible to look great at any age. Tracy is a strong believer in the value of clean eating and exercise and is a great ambassador for healthy living.

Together, we hope to help people discover that aging and getting older and not the same thing. We will all get older, but that does not mean that our bodies need to age. It is possible to live in a body that is twenty years younger than the age that appears on your driver’s license. Being young is a state of mind, but it is also a feeling. When your body is healthy, it feels young. When you feel young, you are young.

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