Moonstone: Wolfmoon Book 1

December 30, 2017



Follow a winding trail into a parallel reality known as Otherworld and discover what lurks there–a hint: it isn’t good.

The journey Finna is making could very well be the end for her and her unborn child. She doesn’t know it, but the child she carries is the ‘child of the prophecy’, the one destined to bring the light back to a dark world. Unfortunately there are dark forces who know this truth.

Is magic gone from the world? Was it ever here? Read this first book of four and find out.



A beautiful world of fantasy and myth

By Tara L. Reynolds on July 8, 2012 (Amazon)

The Moonstone is the first book of a set called The Wolfmoon Trilogy. It is a book filled with fantasy, Gods and Goddesses and other magical worlds. I got the pleasure to read book I of the series and I just couldn’t put it down! It is a story of a young woman, Finna, who has a powerful and magical ancestry that she is not completely aware of. Until the day she becomes pregnant, and her mother, Catriona, who abandoned her when Finna was a child, appears at her doorstep. She tells Finna some of her ancestral story, and gives her a moonstone, that has been in her family for generations. She then informs Finna that she has to take a journey for a special blessing of her baby, a journey in which all of the women in her family have made for centuries. The sacred moonstone helps guide their way, although Finna has no idea about the kind of journey she is in store for!

Traveling together on foot, they cross over many different lands to reach a place called The Glass Mountain, where the blessing ceremony will be performed. On their journey, they encounter wonderful towns with magical people, they also encounter dangerous areas, some under the control of Catriona’s evil brother, Brandubh. Goddesses such as Rhiannon, The Morrigan, Arianrhod, The Cailleach and Vasilia make appearances on this journey, as well as Gods like Cernunnos, faeries and magical animals such as wolves.

Catriona has a great knowledge of herbs and is a healer. She always has healing herbs with her on the journey that helps both her and Finna the entire trip. They also meet other healers and a Druid along the way who help them. This book is filled with all kinds of mystical creatures and worlds, it is truly an enchanting adventure. As the reader you feel as though you are taking this otherworldly trip with Finna and her mother, and experiencing all the power and magic of the Goddesses and Gods, and different beings within this lovely book. It was a great joy to read this book, and I will definitely be reading book II of the trilogy! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy, stories involving the Gods and magical lands. Thank you to Nikki Broadwell for such a beautiful work!


Outstanding novel of mysticism, time travel and Celtic gods and goddesses

By Helen C. Page on April 5, 2015 (Amazon)

I find the questions about the content frustrating. This is a clean read that has natural situations of characters in conflict as they confront family rivalries and struggles for power. It is not, however, full of violence and sexuality. It is a beautifully written story of a long lost mother returning to guide her daughter to motherhood. The framework is Celtic tales, some of which was familiar to me and some was new, but it was the relationship that was so gripping and true, and the gorgeous countryside of the Scottish highlands that was stunning in its cinematic detail. I can see this as a film and will not be surprised to hear that it is being turned into a series. Just mesmerizing.




Do you like Celtic and Norse fantasy? Start with Moonstone and work your way through the four books of the series. When you have finished those, begin Gypsy’s Quest and read the three books in the series. The characters continue through the two series and when their children come of age they have their own series: The Bridge and Time Gap.

If you’d rather read about shape shifters read Just Another Desert Sunset and Coyote Sunrise. If you like witches and time travel read: A witch in Time Saves Nine and The Moon in her Eyes…these are part historical fantasy with a smidgen of dystopian thrown into the cauldron.

And if you are a mystery/romance reader and enjoy some paranormal, begin with Murder in Plain Sight and move along the five books that comprise the Summer McCloud paranormal mystery series! (ghosts added at no extra charge)

And if you are a military buff and like a good romance set amid WW2, read Rosemary for Remembrance!

My books are not what you would call literature, and yet they are not mere entertainment either. They are unique–humorous at times, sad at times and page-turners that take the reader into a world separate from this one. I do not write to market, I write from my heart.

I grew up an ‘Army brat’, living in several states as well as Germany during my formative years. But it was the time I spent in Virginia on a 400-acre farm that set the imaginative stage for my first books, and probably all those that have come after. I received a B.A. in English and Art from Sonoma State University and later studied Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. I’ve had several careers over the years, all in the creative field. First a greeting card business and later watercolors and then painting on silk which went on for twenty years. But as soon as I put pen to paper, (or I should say fingertips to a keyboard) I was hooked.

I couldn’t stop writing if I tried–it is the heart and soul of me now. I am still astounded by how my characters lead me on, taking me down meandering paths where I hadn’t planned to go. The muse sits on my shoulder most days, and when she’s absent I flounder and realize I need a break. I love all things magic, including the Tarot, the runes, divination of all kinds, ghosts, clairvoyance, astral travel–you name it. Magic is all around us if only we open our eyes to it.

I lived in the Pacific Northwest for sixteen years before moving to the desert southwest with my husband, a cat and a dog. The move was hard because I left family behind, but Arizona is a wonderful place to be and the weather, at least in the winter, is delightful!

In my spare time I do yoga, hike, garden, and enjoy the bird and animal life that abound in the desert. Check my blog tales of close encounters with rattlesnakes, coyotes and javelina! And if you want more writing related info, go to

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