Our Awakening

December 17, 2017



The book Our Awakening consists of nine poems:

1.Story Called Love
2.Our Awakening
3.Positive Thoughts
4.Wearing Masks
5.Expectations and Acceptance
8.Our Environment

All of the poems are written in rhyming verses and every poetic story holds an important message within it.

The book title is also the title of the second poem in the collection. Our Awakening depicts this special time we are living in, where we need as many souls as possible to be truly awake.

Generally, this book discusses the importance of being connected with our soul and with our true nature. It provides some thoughts that can have a positive influence in our lives. Such inspiration can empower us to change our world for the better by becoming more aware of some things and contributing in making Earth a happier place to live in. Also, it focuses on topics like Nature and Animals, and how important they are. It also focuses on how we are all connected on Earth’s stage, and if any part suffers, we cannot turn another page.

Awareness is the last poem in Our Awakening and it combines all of the topics covered in the entire book. If we all become more conscious, then we have already done half of the work in this school of life.

So let’s start with reading the book 🙂




Breathtaking and elegant, yet simply expressive.

By Piaras on 17th December for Emerald Book Reviews

Our Awakening by Sanja Ignjatic is a collection of poetry that provides a refuge of quiet clarity that is very much needed in today’s restless, chaotic world. Every reader will find favorites to share and to return to, again and again. Not only are the words vividly drawn, but the book is richly enhanced by its unique and beautiful design. It’s breathtaking and elegant, yet simply expressive.

Each poem conveys important messages about being connected with our soul and with our true nature. The poet uses the power of poetry and its capacity to pry open our hearts and minds in a gentle and welcoming way. It’s in the unanticipated moment when the truth of the poems are realized do we have an experience, that for some of us, becomes like a prayer.

Our Awakening is a collection best taken one page at a time. Each poem holds enough wisdom and enlightenment to remain with you for days. These are poems that will stir the soul. This poetry is truly an invitation to mindful presence where the words and artistic expressions will initiate you, ‘wake you up’ so to speak, and guide you home.

This is a beautiful collection of poems, written by a very talented poet. It is a collection to savor and reread. You will find yourself coming back to it over and over as life changes happen, each time gaining more wisdom, advice, and peace from the words within. Our Awakening invites the reader to slow down, read and enjoy each poem, while reflecting on how it relates to your life.

After reading just the first few poems in Our Awakening, I started quieting down and breathing easier. The poems had already started to do their work. What a gift this poet has! This will be a book I will return to again and again to find the peaceful presence I need to face each day. Highly recommended and five stars from me. I’ll be looking forward to reading more from this writer in the future.





Sanja Ignjatic is coming from beautiful country Croatia located in Europe. She is a Geologist with a Master’s degree. Also nature and animal lover and enjoys coming up with innovative ideas. She loves to spend the time in nature, travel, hiking, meditating and similar. After several years of working in her profession she decided to start realize her ideas and thoughts. She has started to design products and various publications that put focus on topics like culture and historical heritage, importance of nature and ecology, animal care, and through which we can also learn something. She would like to contribute in an increased interest in topics and contents for which she thinks that are very important for all of us. Writing in rhymes is something that she prefers and what makes her happy. Through the book Our Awakening she wanted to express and share her thoughts for which she thinks they can be helpful and motivating in awakening our souls. …When people become more awake, better direction our lives will take…

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