Protector: Recovering Memories

December 10, 2017



Annamaria used to be a normal girl until a recurring dream almost drove her insane. Every night, she dreamed about her lost brother who was living in another city and whom she or her family never met. One day, when things seemed to be on the verge of getting out of control, she decided to seek help with a psychotherapist through a regressive hypnosis session.

Her life changed forever. During the session, not only did Anna found out she actually had a brother, who was later tracked down by her family, but with the door of her subconscious mind and her present reality being left open by the therapist, she just kept going deeper and deeper, finding out more and more about her past lives. A prince, a slave, a father, a son, a prostitute, a soldier, a mother, and many more: Anna lived them all in her past lives.

Having this gift and curse at the same time almost killed her until she decided to put them on paper. That’s when her health and her life changed for the better. Writing actually started to give her life a meaning, she was determined to show her discoveries to the world.
“From a burden, they became my treasure. Suddenly, I had much more life experience, and by curing the revealed old wounds I started to feel better” – she says. In her book, she attempts to analyse the phenomena of reincarnation, presenting two important episodes that she could recall.



Suspenseful and spiritually rewarding.

By lisakaela on October 15, 2017 (Amazon)

Annamaria Marta Furedi blew me away with this storyline on recovering memories. No spoilers, but the book begins with this passage: “It’s a popular pursuit to find out who was who in a past life and people imagine all kinds of weird things. One reckons he was a carrot, the other deems he was Napoleon. However, the depth of these memories and their impact on the life of the one who ‘opens’ them up is little known […]”. How could you resist?! “Protector” follows the story of Annamaria, whose life takes a turn when she begins to encounter a recurring dream that renders memories in which she is to attend therapy for. Annamaria through her treatment then opens up a door to her past lives and past identities, which becomes a gift that both empowers her and hinders her from living a normal life. Besides for an intriguing plotline, Furedi’s style of writing is engaging and suspenseful. “Protector” is a narrative that keeps me awake at night, wondering what if… It is really interesting to follow Annamaria’s adventures into her hidden subconscious…







I am a writer and screenwriter. I was born in Hungary and from 1997-2001 I studied library and informatics, which included political science and philosophy as well. I graduated with an MA degree. As a writer, I’d love to transform the ideas, notions and emotions that come to me into words the best way I can. I have been writing novels and singing in several languages (Hungarian, English, French, German) since childhood. I compose essays, historical novels, tales and poems. I also have some experience in graphic and design.

As a communicative person, it always fascinated me that by learning other languages one can take a glimpse into other cultures, as though a lingo would magically open a door to other people, and other ways of perceiving this amazing world we are living in. I speak English fairly well, I have been learning German for ten years, Japanese for six years, French for four years and Russian for eight years. I can do with a little Latin and Greek as well. Adding to these, I picked up a little of Arabic and Hebrew.

You can visit the authors website here: greenismycolour


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