Story Prompts That Work: 52 Detailed, Tested Story Starters for Short Stories and Flash Fiction (for Adults and Teens)

April 5, 2017


There’s nothing like a well-crafted, guided story starter to put a stop to that dreaded empty computer screen!

Story Prompts That Work includes enough detailed prompts to write a story a week for an entire year (and then go back and use the prompts again the next year). Each prompt has enough options and examples that they’ll work well for just about anyone.

Carly Berg is a freelance writer who’s also been both an editor and a teacher, so she’s got you covered on this one.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Here is a Writing Book that has Soul, By Piaras June 19, 2016

“Where do you get your ideas from?”It’s a question and quandary that is a continual source of irritation for every writer. And once you’ve got an idea, what then? Ideas without a plan or purpose are no more than just pleasant thoughts. Story Prompts That Work: 52 Detailed, Tested Story Starters for Short Stories and Flash Fiction, will help you find some answers. Utilizing these prompts and exercises, you’ll generate intriguing ideas and plumb their possibilities to turn them into something incredible.

This book is the literary equivalent of attending the Actor’s Studio. It’s wise, entertaining and inventive; the book liberates beginning and advanced writers alike, helping them to get to the heart of their story. In a field crowded with disappointing tomes, what a joy it was to open this book and find vast regions of opinion and experience mined for creative feed. It was as much fun to read as it was to use.

This book does exactly what it sets out to do—offer writers at all stages of their writing careers a seemingly endless variety of ideas to noodle around with, explore, and ultimately make their own. Carly Berg’s ‘voice’ is so nurturing, funny and wise that, as she guides you along the writer’s path, you’ll feel as though you’ve made a new friend.

Story Prompts That Work will give you the insight and self-awareness to create and refine ideas that demand to be transformed into greater works, the kind of compelling, absorbing writing that will have other writers asking, “Where do you get those ideas?” Would recommend for beginners and advanced alike.




Carly Berg’s stories and writing articles appear in over 100 magazines and anthologies. She is the author of Coffee House Lies: 100 Cups of Flash Fiction, and Writing Flash Fiction: How to Write Very Short Stories and Get them Published. Carly welcomes visitors at

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