Last Night: Love at First Fight, A Romantic Suspense Novel
Reviews , Romance / March 23, 2018

BOOK DESCRIPTION Love Brought Them Together, Life Tore Them Apart – And Now It’s a Race Against Time… Liam and Nova, Nova and Liam. They met in a fever and clicked together at once. They escaped serious problems at home by backpacking and hiking the continent in a sizzling European vacation- Seville, Venice, Barcelona, London, Porto, Prague, Florence – with their heads in the clouds and their problems in their bags. They loved every moment of it. They were In Love and they were Free. Now, they’re not. The problems they were running away from have finally come to the party, and man, it is not a nice sight. Nova, kidnapped at the hands of cruel and dangerous mafia hitmen. Liam, stuck alone in a waking nightmare. Who would ever want to hurt a being so tender and enchanting? Liam is hell-bent on finding out, and he will do everything possible to rescue his angel! Will he make it in time? Will things ever be the same? Find out in Last Night, an emotional thriller and hot romance that will keep you breathlessly turning pages.   REVIEWS Best of both worlds! By Scott Stoddart on March 22, 2018 (Amazon) Part…

Chip’s World: Complex #31 and The Caretaker
Reviews , Science Fiction / February 5, 2018

  BOOK DESCRIPTION Chip’s World: Complex #31 and the Caretaker is a wild, crazy sci-fi romp through a sinister future world of ever-changing technology and constant deadly threats. Dean Haggerty, a clever computer programmer, is sent to live as a caretaker of a huge complex on the desolate northern frontier because the Central Authority believes he knows too much about the conspiracy. Little does Dean know the dangerous threats that wait for him in “zero pop” on the northern frontier. Dean is considered expendable and the agents of the High Council will do anything to have him killed. Dean must learn new things to fight and survive. Meanwhile, a master computer chip called “Chip” that is connected to all devices on the network in the New Nation sits inside a hidden server room and monitors all electronic activity. Does the artificial intelligence of “Chip” call the shots by sending messages to members of the High Council? Chip decides that Dean and the outlawed sprinters, a mysterious group of former soldiers, must be eliminated by agents of the High Council. Soon, Dean discovers damning evidence that ties the High Council to a conspiracy to install control chips in unsuspecting people. Unscrupulous…

In Bt.
Fiction , Reviews / January 23, 2018

BOOK DESCRIPTION The story of the in-betweens starts off with a boy who meets three great loves in his journeys and learns how each love might influence him as a person lost in a beautiful yet cruel world. It then follows with the footsteps of a girl called Becky, a fleet-footed angel who traverses onto the stony paths in Essex following the misfortune that befell her mentor Mister Chase. Both protagonists eventually find each other in a time of great turmoil and they would have to find something magical together to fend off the threats of a lifetime.   REVIEWS There’s a lot here By S.H. David on January 15, 2018 (Amazon) In Bt. is the story of angels and the way they see the world. They have the unique ability to compare it to a decade ago, a lifetime ago, and even centuries ago. They have the ability to feel and fall in epic love, something that differs from many telling of angel lore. The main character is a man, Akira, whose inner voice reads a great deal like a Jedi master. I mean that, he observes and details a lot. If I had one critique of this book it’s…

The Amaranth Chronicles: Deviant Rising
Reviews , Science Fiction / December 5, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION The Helix was created to revolutionize the way we communicate. But even the purest of intentions can spawn terrible evil. This wasn’t what Lithia had in mind when she decided to run away from home. Her ship was not meant to carry a fugitive wanted in two galaxies, or the stowaways running from a war that wasn’t hers. She just wanted to live a quiet, peaceful life alongside her brother. But now she knows too much about The Helix, the secret hidden deep within it, and what it would mean for all humankind if she walked away.   REVIEW A spectacular flight of the imagination! By Piaras for Emerald Book Reviews on 5th December 2017 Whatever flaws we might identify or frustrations we might feel are trivial in comparison to a reader’s pure joy in losing himself/herself in a narrative. When all the elements come together: an intriguing plot, thoughtful, profound themes, complex, troubling, characters, and language that will amaze for its clarity, directness and confidence; we gratefully set all analysis aside and give ourselves up to the sheer magic of a great book. And for me, The Amaranth Chronicles: Deviant Rising, is such a book. Authors…

The Carbynarah Chronicles: An Epic (Swords and Magic) Fantasy Fiction Adventure Book 1
Reviews , Science Fiction / December 2, 2017

  BOOK DESCRIPTION The thunder caused by a lightning bolt streaking across the sky brought Yron out of his seat. Magic, he thought. In the opening line from his epic book, Jon Franklyn, author of the “The Inset,” Book 1 of his Fantasy Fiction series, sets the stage for the reader’s thorough enjoyment as they escape to the land of Carbynarah, a world created specifically for magic. Carbynarah is a world at war with itself. Created so that all living things could use the magic that comes from Essence produced by the tree pictured on the cover. Shortly after the creation of Carbynarah, Natural magic users (magic that comes from the DNA of the individual) infested the world. Over the years, Natural magic users have been unable to overthrow the magic created from the Essence on Carbynarah; but now, as magical essence is diminishing, the Natural magic users believe it is time to try again. The people of Carbynarah are on the verge of uniting, and the Natural magic users realize this may be their last chance… These two magical factions, Essence Magic and Natural magic, have been at war with each other since the beginning of time, and this…

Three Paperclips & a Grey Scarf (An Evan Davis Tale)

BOOK DESCRIPTION Evan Davis is a writer, or at least he would be if he could finish his first book. Because the book has languished unfinished, Davis finds himself presented with an ultimatum by his agent: Take a three-month assignment as a press embed in Afghanistan or risk losing his book contract. Since the job does have a salary attached he takes it, but before departing, a friend hands Davis a hastily gathered good luck charm: three paperclips. Over the months in country, he gets to know the men of a small team of US soldiers that he is deployed with and rediscovers his muse writing about their experiences in Southwest Asia for a truth hungry American public. Davis also finds a use for each of his talismans, as they save his life and those of the men he comes to regard as his team; the soldiers who promised each other that they would all make it home in one piece. REVIEW War is hell, for sure, but war can make for irrefutably brilliant book writing and movie-making. If you’re a fan of action, adventure, war stories, mystery, thriller and suspense…this one has it all! Author Sheldon Charles weaves a…

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Last Night: Love at First Fight, A Romantic Suspense Novel
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