Feeling Good: Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life
Fitness & Dieting , Health , Review , Self-Help / May 27, 2020

  Where is the magic pill in the time of the Pandemic? I understand that you are scared that your body will not be able to resist the virus. I understand that you are terrified that your family might get this disease. Are you already immune vulnerable? How frustrating it is to feel lousy all the time and have pain and be scared. And now, in this time, are you losing hope that there is a solution? Imagine finding the “magic” pill that will erase your misery and keep you and your loved ones safe. Imagine feeling great and knowing that you are living a life that best protects you and your family. Imagine not worrying anymore about your health. Is there a magic pill? It is not a pharmaceutical. It is not an over the counter drug. Protect your body and your family by implementing the tips in a new book Feeling Good Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life. Boost your immune system today so that you and your family have a healthy defense system and feel great. What creates health? You will discover that Its eating whole organic foods of all the colors of the rainbow…

In My Heart’s Footsteps
Review , Self-Help / April 1, 2020

    The Heart – our most accurate compass A feeling of sadness and emptiness drove LaOr to leave on a quest. During this journey, while facing emotional hardship, she managed to set herself free from patterns and fixations to discover infinite love and strength inside her own self. This journey led her to write In My Heart’s Footsteps, a book interlaced with elegance, humor and captivating wit that grants its readers a feeling of elevation, hope and pure joy. The book provides answers to important questions bubbling up inside us: How can we let go of negative thoughts? How do we steer our consciousness towards positive things? How do we invite the things we desire into our lives? How do we deal with tough situations and crises in our lives? Laor Paz Noyrozen is a therapist and lecturer. Connected to her inner beliefs, she treats her own self and others with love, meaning, and a sense of mission. Laor’s rich toolbox contains “the Journey”, “Life Activation”, “Energy Wash” and other therapeutic methods, and most importantly, the unwavering faith in our individual ability to heal ourselves and unite with our true essence.   Answers important questions that bubble up inside us all….

Strong, Independent, Happy Children: Developing Essential Life Skills for Kids
Health , Review , Self-Help / March 31, 2020

      A practical guide to raising strong, independent, happy children New winds are blowing in our world and we live in an era of breaking with norms, traditions and socio-cultural values. In light of these changes, the necessity arises to show our children how to be more independent and acquire inner strength so they can make their way in a new borderless world. Strong, Independent, Happy Children is a theoretical and practical guide for parents and educators that provides answers for the development of children’s emotions by integrating intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional skills: Tools for handling situations of distress and the need to seek help Developing the feeling of empowerment stemming from inner strength, dealing with frustrating situations, disappointment and failure, as an integral part of life Focusing on the child’s real voice while recognizing the full range of their feelings Understanding children and focusing on their unique voice vs. their desire to maintain the sense of belonging within their own age group How to build and preserve meaningful friendships Adapting to society and belonging even when social conventions do not match those of the child Esther Goldfeld is an education counselor and expert emotional therapist, family counselor, parental…

Awaken Your Love Life: How to revive your relationship and fall in-love AGAIN with your partner
Review , Self-Help / April 3, 2019

  How to revive your relationship and fall in-love AGAIN with your partner A unique and practical guide that will enable you to improve your marriage and turn it into a vibrant and fulfilling relationship, like it used to be! Dr. Orit Arbel shares her knowledge and experience and gives six essential tools to be used by partners, so they can go back to feeling love, be happy, get past old arguments and re-dance the “couples dance”. These tools will teach you new and exciting strategies for making your relationship work: 1. The Art of Matching Needs and Expectations in Couples 2. Similarities and Differences: How did the prince of my dreams become a frog overnight? 3. Compassionate Communication 4. The Power of Forgiveness 5. The Dance of Intimacy and Adaptation 6. The 13 Keys of Partnership Success Dr. Arbel has been a couple’s therapist for the past 30 years and has developed an extremely fast and efficient model called The Marathon Method, which has been accepted by the World Congress Library in Washington as an international counseling method. This method enables the process of counseling couples and individuals to be shortened, by identifying the source of the problem, understand…

Mediterranean diet for beginners: 55+ Easy Healthy Recipes for Natural Weight Loss
Fitness & Dieting , Health , Review / March 13, 2019

  Are you tired of excessive weight gain? Do you want to adapt to an efficient diet plan that makes you lose your weight? Do you wish to master cooking and serve yourself and your loved ones with the most finger licking recipes and quickly? All these questions have a single answer, and we are going to break it down for you effectively. Just turn over a few more pages and change your lifestyle! This book, which is based on Mediterranean Diet for Beginners, is specially devised for people of every physical and medical shape! Our books have changed the course of life for thousands out there, and we will make diet plans guaranteed to provide you with a healthy and nourished lifestyle. Mediterranean Diet is one of the Best Ways to Get Healthy. Here are the Reasons Why:   Preserve Memory Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Complications Bone Strengthening Anti-Depression Prevents Cancer Fresh Food You Can Eat Bread, Pasta and Have Some Wine You Won’t Be Hungry You Can Lose Weight Desserts are not Forbidden In this cookbook, we provide you with recipes based on the Mediterranean Diet with the easiest to understand instructions for preparation. We have devised and written this book…

The Psychology Of Motivation: How To Achieve Peak Performance On Command
Review , Self-Help / March 4, 2019

  It’s easy to confuse our ultimate goals with our practical goals. You must have a crystal-clear idea of the outcomes and objectives you want for your life. You have to keep igniting your motivation and keep at it until it is self-sustainable. When you enter a certain mental and emotional state, it seems like all you can do is produce lots of your best stuff. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you. This is called your state of flow. The good news is everybody has one. It can take different forms. It definitely takes place at different times. It can be triggered by many things. With this step by step guide: You are going to understand the importance of motivation. You will learn to identify the five pillars of sustainable motivation. You will understand why a lot of people continue to struggle. You can begin to be clear about the big outcomes and objectives of your life. You are going to learn exactly how to get motivated on command, so you can achieve your state of flow.   REVIEW ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ Reviewed By Piaras O Cionnaoith for Emerald Book Reviews…

The Secret of Life: A Memoir Of Getting Younger
Biography , Fitness & Dieting , Self-Help / January 21, 2019

  From a diagnosis of advanced stage cancer, to competing in a triathlon at the age of 68 Dr. Gilkis’ unique memoir and life-changing message is: physical activity is for everyone at any age and it can improve the quality of life as well as physical and mental health, dramatically. This message comes from Gilkis’ deep personal understanding due to his own choices, which he suggests everyone implement! In this book, Dr. Gilkis dismantles the myth that sporting activities are only for the young and strong, or that it has to be an unpleasant and difficult task. It shows how sporting activities can be almost effortless while being a source of joy and satisfaction. “A little is a lot” is the message the author wants his readers to receive, so each and every one – at any age and physical state, can be encouraged to start!   REVIEW What an inspiring book! What an inspiring book! The Secret of Life: A Memoir Of Getting Younger by Dr. Zeev Gilkis is a unique biography with a life-changing message: ‘physical activity is for everyone at any age and it can improve the quality of life as well as physical and mental health,…

LESSONS in LIFE: Achieving a better you through self-reflection
Self-Help / August 28, 2018

LIFE TEACHES US LESSONS CONTINUOUSLY. Do we pay attention and acknowledge what we learn? Do we strive to improve ourselves and hence our lives, relationships and by this positively influence everyone around us? LIFE’S AN ONGOING PROCESS. We should consciously stop sometimes to reflect upon the situations we find ourselves in and the experiences life gives us. Could we have done things differently? What did we learn from these? Should we change something, and achieve a different outcome next time? DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, but don’t know where to begin? Are you in an unhappy relationship? Do you feel lonely? Can you imagine what your life would be like, if you discovered what makes you feel fully alive? Are you stuck in a job you don’t love? What’s stopping you from getting the life that you’re dreaming of? Life’s a roller-coaster. Let’s transform it into genuine fun, by finding and offering only the good within us. As odd as it sounds, it takes a little effort to be a good person. It demands self-awareness. It requires perseverance. You must keep an open mind about things and develop an acceptance of everything that is different, even if you…