True Crime: Homicide & True Crime Stories of 2018
True Crime / January 24, 2019

  Murder, terrorism and mass killings, were prominent in the news for 2018, and in this True Crime Anthology you will find the cases that made international headlines from January to the end of December. An entire year has been included in this book, and as we go into 2019, it’s important to remember not only the shocking events that took place, but also to acknowledge the many that lost their lives at the hands of others this year. The types of cases included are: Serial killers Family murders Mass murders School shootings Major hacking incidents Terrorist Acts Cold Cases There have been many advances in technology that has led to the uncovering on many suspects in cold cases, including the identity of the Golden State Killer, a secret that had remained hidden for decades. A number of cold case murders were solved this year, bringing an end to the torture the affected families and the investigators had endured for so many years. Tragically, school shootings were still prevalent, and mass shootings seem to be on the rise. Terrorism struck many corners of the world, in a variety of ways, but results were swifter in identifying perpetrators and taking action….

True Crime Stories Volume 11: 12 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Anthology)
Crime / Mystery , True Crime / September 26, 2018

In this true crime anthology you’ll learn about some of the most shocking true crime cases that have happened in the last forty years. You will find yourself thrust into a world that is often depraved but always intriguing and fascinating, leaving you wanting to read more. These twelve cases, which span the globe, are a true testament to the idea that crime comes in all shapes and sizes. There are a number of themes in this volume, including missing persons, road trips gone wrong, and family annihilation’s. You will read about a case in New Zealand where two young people celebrating the New Year vanished without a trace never to be seen again, yet a man was still put on trial for their murders. The tragic case of Denise Pikka Thiem—a woman who went on a world trip to find spiritual meaning but ended up murdered—is also profiled in this book. The unfortunate phenomenon of mass murder, particularly family annihilation, is covered in two uniquely bizarre cases in this book. In one case, a man claimed a voodoo demon drove him to murder his family, while in another a man dressed as Santa Claus attempted to murder an entire…

Serial Killers Rage and Horror Volume 2: 8 Shocking True Crime Stories of Serial Killers and Killing Sprees
True Crime / August 28, 2018

  Are you born a killer or are you shaped into one? How does one escape from his cell to start a 20+ victim killing spree? How incredibly evil must one be to murder over 24 children in less than two years? These are questions we will dig deep into as we investigate eight serial killers and murderers in this addition to Serial Killers Rage and Horror. Serial killers both intrigue and disgust the average member of society, and many question why this is. Is it because they do seem such regular people in the daylight? Or perhaps it is simply because it is hard to fathom how someone can cross that ever-present line of what is right and what is most horribly wrong. One of the most unusual cases in this book surrounds the murders of several women in Canada by a totally unique method, which may surprise you. Another, the story of Robert Hansen will terrify you. And the cases of the Atlanta Child Murderer and the Ogre of the Ardennes will sicken you to the core. But, once you start reading this book, it will be extremely hard for your curious mind to stop. REVIEW Shocking True…