Taking Responsibility: Taking Responsibility for Your Life

December 21, 2017



In a world that steadily plays the blame game. And adults rarely pursue honorable choices. Do we wonder why adult life is a far-cry from what we have imagined as adolescents?

Right now, you might be at that point in your life where nothing appears to work. But if you can learn how to differentiate between taking responsibility for your actions and indulging yourself, then new insights will open up to you.

With remarkable wit and insight Greg Mitchum reassures us that we can indeed turn our hitherto bad decisions around, and take responsibility for our lives. Grow and achieve that elusive quality of happiness we once enjoyed as kids.

The solution, rests on what we choose to focus on. So, what do you focus on?
Do you dwell on what you can control, or do you focus on what you have little to no control over?

He reveals the truth behind why people never seem to take responsibility for their actions. And why whenever we screw up, we always manage to blame someone else.

With a clear sense of optimism, and hope, beginning from where you are, he shows you how to improve the quality of your life with seemingly unrelated actions and chains of events.

Learn how to own up to your problems. Greg Mitchum breaks down the mystery of taking responsibility and taking the blame.



An Easy Step in the Right Direction

By Amazon costumer on December 8, 2017 (Amazon)

The book, “Taking Responsibility, “ written by Greg Mitchum, has got to be that special gift found under the Christmas tree this year. This book could touch the lives of many. In just six, easy-to-read chapters, Mr. Mitchum, draws the adult reader into a quiet safe zone. Once there, he allows the reader to participate in a confession and admission session, where he readily admits that there were ideas and events that shape his own former presence in society, as well as he role of others. He states the issue at the heart of every situation, before reeducating the reader on what options exist in the face of difficulty. He then, challenges readers to participate in making better, mindful, educated decisions that leave you dedicated to turning complex situations into opportunities for empowerment. This book would serve as a prerequisite for group workshops. It is useful in encouraging students to go into any situation with an open mind, and shows readers how to consistently come out on top by ”Taking Responsibility.”

Kri’ Shawn Terrell


Taking responsibility for your life.

By Josefina on November 16, 2017 (Amazon)

We are doing a small groups at our church and we are studying “Taking Responsibility For Your Life. The class has just begun.


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