TEENS AND KIDS: Directory Manual

October 23, 2017

This teens and kids section of Directory Manual provides information as well as challenges on teen’s life, their day-by-day issues, school period and of course kids entertainment.



Charles Williams ( philosopher) Releases, Teens and kids: Directory Manual
Teens and kids go through a whole lot, at school, at home even amongst their peer group, a whole lot of this kids do not come home to tell their parents about it, rather they will try to handle it on their own and most parents never have time or notice what’s going on with their kids, this book just like its name is a guide to handling these kids.

Charles Williams’s author of this amazing book is proud to bring to the notice of the general public the launching of this novel and its availability for sale on Amazon. This novel promises to educate you on how to handle your teens and kids, as well as for the kids, how to live right.

This teens and kids Directory Manual provides information as well as challenges on teen’s life, their day-to-day, school periods and of course entertainment. This beautiful Informative manual is dedicated to engaging teens and kids in stimulating and interesting actions or things taught by their teachers or parents. This is definitely one book you don’t want to miss.

This educative novel, Teens and Kids: Directory Manual is available for purchase on Amazon for $10.00





About the Author

Charles Williams, born 1973 in Chicago IL is an American author and a philosopher, he released Teens and Kids: Directory Manual for sale on Amazon on the 27th of August 2017. This book is for both the old and the young, it is a book packed with knowledge for everybody.
Charles looks up to great men like Socrates and Plato and is working tirelessly to get his name up there. We are expecting to see more great works from him.

Head over to Amazon right away and start ordering this interesting, fun packed, educative novel for both you and your kids https://goo.gl/a25WjR


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