The Destroyer

August 31, 2017


After untold centuries of absence, the evil Ancients have returned. Their magic appears unstoppable and their hunger for conquest is insatiable. To protect the country of Nia, Duchess Nadea and Scholar Paug make a desperate journey to find a human legend: A man known to have destroyed these Ancient foes with a powerful army.

But legends can lie.

When Paug and Nadea revive their hero from sleep, his virtue is far from clear.

Is he really their Savior or their Destroyer?


5.0 out of 5 starsA great read, but likely not for certain people 

By Duncan P. Pacey from Amazon on October 24, 2016

This was an interesting read, but it left me in multiple minds.

You’ll enjoy “The Destroyer” by Michael-Scott Earle if you love fantasy settings, don’t mind exploring a new one and are looking for something that has all the hallmarks of a typical sword-and-shield fantasy, but with a few unique characteristics. This is a story with magic (that humans aren’t so good at), kings/queens, brave knights and elegant, beautiful elves. Where it diverges from the cliche is that the elves are a historic people, rendered almost extinct in the past thanks to a human revolution (humans were slaves for thousands of years). Our story takes place from the first-person perspective of two characters: An ancient human awoken from a deep, magical slumber to help fight a modern onslaught from the elves, and also a weak scholar-type nerdy character who doesn’t do a whole lot (except be scared and be friends with the ancient human).

You won’t enjoy this novel if you’re quite sick of male-centric fantasy with a strong sexual element. Well, you might still enjoy it, but you’ll be interrupted regularly. I wouldn’t say the book suffers from sexism so much as it is fuelled by the testosterone hormonal frenzy of its main character. The ancient human’s storyline basically revolves around getting laid, and there is a rather lengthy scene towards the end of the book that basically halts the plot to have a quick erotic literature moment. These scenes all detract from the ongoing plot, but they are a product of the first-person perspective: The character is feeling these emotions and we are along for the ride, so to speak. So again, it’s not so much female objectification from Earle’s part as it is just the inner workings of a typical male brain.

That said, I briefly glanced through the excerpt from Earle’s next book in the series and I see that one of the female leads will get a starring role. I’d be interested to see what her perspective on all this is like!

If you’re interested in the sexy goodness of this setting then you’ll probably really enjoy “The Destroyer”. It has its ups and downs and I would say it is by no means perfect, but the cons are outweighed by a lot of great moments and the overall setting is interesting and easy to understand. I’ll likely be picking up the next book, and that should say more than a review ever could





Michael-Scott Earle is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of adult fiction.

His debut novel, The Destroyer, was published in February of 2016, and has earned critical acclaim. He has currently published 23 novels spanning the genres of dark fantasy, epic fantasy, space opera, cyberpunk, horror-comedy, and guy lit. Several of his e-novels are offered on major retailers for free so that readers can get a taste of his prose and storytelling abilities before they make a purchase.

When he isn’t writing, he enjoys cycling (road and mountain), playing electric bass and guitar, and spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

To learn more, visit and sign up for his email newsletter.

Reading list:
~The Destroyer~ Dark/epic fantasy. Detailed violence, detailed sex, and lots of foul language. Not suitable for kids and most adults. Rated NC-17.
– Book 1 (First book is free)
– Book 2
– Book 3
– Book 4

~Lion’s Quest~ Epic fantasy with Cyberpunk elements. Detailed violence, some sexual themes, lots of foul language. Rated R.
– Undefeated
– Dual Wield
– Trinity
– Charmed (Coming soon)

~Star Justice~ Space Opera with Cyberpunk and paranormal elements. Perfect for people that liked Serenity and/or the Mass Effects games. Detailed violence, sexual themes, lots of foul language. Rated R.
– Eye of the Tiger
– Space Witch
– Zeta Hack
– Binary Pair
– Burning Bright

~Hell High~ Comedy Horror. Some violence, sexual themes, some foul language. Rated PG-13
– Succubus!
– Satan!
– Werewolf!

~Rockstar Romance~ Contemporary guy-lit, male fantasy, college/slice of life series. No violence, lots of detailed sex scenes, foul language. Rated NC-17.
– Book 1 (First book is free)
– Book 2
– Book 3

~Concrete Chaos~ Sci-fi Cyberpunk motorcycle riding series. Detailed violence, some sexual themes, way too much foul language. Rated R.
– Book 1 (First book is free)
– Book 2
– Book 3

~City of Light~ fantasy police procedural. Detailed violence, no sex, some foul language. Rated PG-13.
-Wings of Justice

~Rose Boy~ Dark fantasy novella. Get this for free by visiting

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