Third World Woman: ‘Weird AF’ Tales of an Accidental Feminist’

December 16, 2017



Third World Woman is industrial strength girl talk, not for the light-hearted, also male friendly, if you aren’t an MCP. It introduces you to the actual, non-stereotyped brown woman of this century. And if you are a brown woman, you’ll find the tales relatable and be happy to know ‘you are not alone or a weirdo’. The book contains content on abuse, rape, and domestic violence though, so please read responsibly.




Loved reading this book

By Shazia on 15th December 2017 (Amazon UK)

As I am a third world women, I could relate to most of the things in the book, took me down the memory lane. These are most of the things that most women from third world want to say but would not say it out loud and Shahla has done that for us.
This book points out so many social issues that women in third have just accepted as they are and do not want to change or talk about it.

A frightening realistic glimpse into what it is like to be a woman in a third world country, delivered with humor and sass.

                 By Barbara Mitobeon on December 14, 2017 (Amazon)

Part reality check, part quirky female exuberance, part Third World Sex and the City — Third World Woman educates us about the realities of being a woman in a country that does not value the sex for anything other than procreation and as property, while making us unite as womankind over the complex, and sometimes hilarious universal situations that we’ve all had to face at some point or another. From getting our first glimpse into what it feels like to be the girl who “should’ve” been a boy, experiencing our first embarrassing episode of having our period, to sad, harrowing tales of the interactions between men and women, Third World Woman is a window into cultural norms for women who did not benefit from living in a country with more focus on civil liberties, and will make you sit up and pay attention. Humor is used to soften the blow, but it is definitely a message we all need to listen to.




Shahla Khan is an author, blogger, YouTuber, Ph.D. fellow and a student of the feminist life. When she isn’t kicking patriarchy in the balls, she likes to bake, listen to Gaga and Jagjit Singh and do DIYs. She’s worked with United Nations Student Association UK and does public speaking and workshops on female leadership, humane work culture and how to be a non-sucky boss. Check her out on her website



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