WOWF, nyaaargh, ker-BINGG!

March 7, 2018



How do you make your own aquarium pet using a dried pig’s ear and bodybuilder’s protein shake? Was St. Pestival a vegetarian? Can you fly a Mercedes-Benz? Who was Baboonistotle?

The answers to all these questions and many more await you in ‘WOWF, nyaaargh, ker-BING!’, the first collection of correspondence between Richard Bhindi-Carstairs and an unsuspecting world.

Part-time Cumbrian beetle supremo, music promoter and P.A. to the CEO of one of Silicon Valley’s largest Tech giants, Bhindi-Carstairs allegedly also runs a small engineering firm in Gloucestershire. He devotes his time to setting up crackpot business projects with foreign partners, pestering television companies with ideas for new series and generally making a nuisance of himself via email, letter and commercial ‘online chat’ facilities.

Born in Mumbai to a Canadian father and Indian mother, at the age of 53 Bhindi-Carstairs is a co-founder of the Tewkesbury branch of the Hmenji-na-Boku Association and owns the fourth-largest collection of Belgian yoghurt-pot lids in the UK.



Highly recommended!

By Piaras on 9 March 2018 (Emerald Book Reviews)

In a field crowded with disappointing books, what a pleasure it was to read WOWF, nyaaargh, ker-BINGG! by Richard Bhindi-Carstairs and be introduced to something exceptionally well written. Fans of the comedy genre will love having a nibble on this one! An absolutely unputdownable book.
– Emerald Book Reviews

Five Stars

By ideas66 on 27 February 2018 (Amazon UK)

Everyone knows a Bhindi-Carstairs. His ridiculous propositions and unfailing ability to take anything to heart leave the reader in hysterics. A must for any aspiring pedant, get this book!

Bhindi-carstairs has my sides splitting!!!!!!

By Stanley Sutton on 3 March 2018 (Amazon UK)

Good to see Bhindi-Carstairs getting the recognition he deserves! Not only are is his ludicrous collections of nonsense correspondences side splittingly funny, they are also littered with a surprising dose of pathos. A must have for any lover of absurdist comedy and yoghurt pot lids alike!!

Silly, absurd and enjoyable to read! Hope to …

By Jemimapd on 3 March 2018 (Amazon UK)

Silly, absurd and enjoyable to read! Hope to see more for Richard Bhindi Carstairs soon! This book is for you if you don’t take life too seriously…


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